This Morning

Yesterday in the land of fairy drawn
to the roots, exposed and barren–bring me
spring green–sunwarmed and grounding on the trails
down to the stream. Imaginations’ sails

rippling through our pristine canvas-ships
painted us homeward finally. Our lips
revealed the depths of change, strange tales of sharks
and campfire sparks. Mystical well-loved parks

coloring each piece we wrought. Improv joy
as each took turn: grandmother, little boy
father and teenager. The palette wild
and uninhibited rich inner child.

Bowing not to dysania’s cold dread
dehydrated, aching with a sore head,
I rally and center and water, led
by energy shifts late winter sun fed.

Inspired by: Spark, Shark, Pristine and Dysania. And a photo with the fairy effect filter that I took on a magical walk in the woods yesterday that affected me much more deeply than I realized–until waking.

New Ways Through Storms

Something inside me’s just begun….there’s always magic in the air.”~Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

I cannot staunch the bleeding. Foundation
exposed by enthusiastic
lambs led to slaughter. The degradation
pains my empathic senses. If I stick

my fingers in the holes, the flow just goes.
Go with the flow, abandon ship. Golden,
we walk on the turbulence, beholden
to the light. Illusions’ fright just shadows.

The halcyon days of yore beyond storms
where nests were safe for laying: myth platforms.
Creative now, we breathe intentional,
imagine ways multi-dimensional.

Inspired by: Staunch, Lamb, Halcyon and Enthusiastic.