Beyond The Seeming

At dusk astounded as double suns swash
watercolors bright across sky awash
with passions from the deep unruly day
I swore to keep my feet on bare earth, pray

with all expansiveness of breath, release
these judgments with compassion and find peace.
Gregorian chants lulled me to sweet dreams
which open channels past the world of seem

stars transfer icy siren songs, plaintive
clear notes drilling through the black domain of
moon. I’m out and walking, face to heaven
celebration of my self-expression.

Inspired by: Gregorian, Transfer, Plaintive and Swash.

You Get What You Pay For

If you see a crow, pay attention.

Big crow at the top of a dead tree takes
a look at me as the rosy sun breaks
into a dance of joy a cricket sings
the one-pitch song that conducted my dreams

the painting in the east proceeds, my gaze
uplifted in the glory-tinted haze
not buffeted by detrimental screens
instead I breathe calm underneath the greens

the colors spread a watercolor scene
Impression Sunrise by Monet serene
Why is my life so radiant, so filled
with light? Reflective heart is opening now thrilled

Inspired by: Detriment, Buffet and Look.

My Choice

Some days I plan the next sixty hale years
others, so affronted, beset with tears
alone, forsaken, infected by dread
I hang by the slenderest silken thread

My dreams sift through realities then shift
and I awake direction-filled and drift
no longer in the dissonance, create
the next module my offerings array

my qualifications: each treasured breath
each hard lesson forged by imminent death.
Alive, I’m filled in gratitude, rejoice
I raise now my unique essential voice.

Inspired by: Module, Qualification, Affront and Hale.

I’d Best Be On My Way

And an aching in my heart…~Gordon Lightfoot

In the early morning rain, shy wren raves
big personality on the airwaves
I join–spontaneity to sit, drips
with goosebump chills. The corrigible slips

by sly and buttery through my grip. How
I hanker to improve my lot, avow
under this overcast gray mist, persist
in magical thinking, pathos dismiss.

Inspired by: Corrigible, Personality, Buttery and Spontaneity.

And this gorgeous Eva Cassidy cover of one of my favorite songs, Early Morning Rain.

Featured image: Carolina Wren by Chris F on pexels.

According to Brittanica, magical thinking is the belief that one’s ideas, thoughts, actions, words, or use of symbols can influence the course of events in the material world. Magical thinking presumes a causal link between one’s inner, personal experience and the external physical world.” Hmmm. They give you pills to stop this. Sounds like a definition of oppression to me.

Orchestra in Light

In cool bright August morn unique voices
rise in praise of day. My heart rejoices,
releases repentance woven in night’s
frozen laundry-list sentence of dark frights.

A goldfinch sweet and shy brightens the green
as sun pours liquid through tremulant leaves.
Abandoning my plans to spend, I save
my energy. Not lazy as I brave

thrumming sound waves. The geese flock in honking.
Mockingbird and bluejay begin taunting.
I’m all in as the mourning dove duet
relieves me of illusions that beset.

Inspired by: Tremulant, Repentance, Lazy, Laundry and Unique for the Stream of Saturday Consciousness prompt to find a word that starts with ‘u’. And a spectacular cool morning.

Featured image: American goldfinch

As This Plays Out

He lines up in the animus column
guilt at this guile makes him appear solemn.
In the real world, I say, people are kind.
Your digital stream, spiteful and purblind

conjures a matrix that spellbinds and quells
traumatized, immobilized, living hell
Wake up. Unplug. Realize it’s your show.
Take the stage and create a loving role.

Inspired by: Guilt, Guile, Column and Animus.

Lucky Last Quarter Moon

A bluejay calls into my dream, takes me
to the surface where I flounder, break free
into the sun’s domain I’m anchoring
in the waking orchestra, hankering

for some lucky break now that the shipment
of goods stalls obviously equipment
is just a prop of the old paradigm
we shed like a cocoon, create new time

Inspired by: Shipment, Lucky, Hankering and Orchestra.

Featured image: The last quarter moon visible long after sunrise.

Ripple Effect

My mother would never gad about, posed
in her fancy garb, beauty well-disposed
to rise organized with the help of lists
led her groups and committees, children kissed

as the swan sails serene and poised, ugly
duckling truckling alone being pretty
unattainable, unsustainable
until death, motives unexplainable

her litany of resolutions prove
by daily focused practice, any groove
you choose can be your destiny. We’re free
to form and mold our own reality.

Inspired by: Fancy, Children, Gad and the enlightening discovery of a list of resolutions my mother made when she was 20 and lived by the rest of her life.

Featured image: Last night’s gloriously long July sunset prompted underwater beings to rise and create ripples.

Singing Morning

The thick chilled air brings a hint of lilac
fresh tang robin-sung misty morning feedback
sequestered by archaic bonds boxed in
falling tears and broken-hearted topspin

hitting the net and out of play until
at last the ancient tale losing its thrill
I question every weighted word, sing
a new spell, bird-led, captivating spring.

Inspired by Tear and Archaic.