Dancing Into Being

We’re a moving universe
revealing our new faces
to our warm regard.
I used to believe
the crystals that accompany
my travels protect me
as if negative forces
could infect my clean
interior.  Now I see

these sacred stones entrain and
energize the wise meditative
witch. Dark and light,
I walk with potential
triggers and
amethyst and tachyon
remind me to sit
in my base. Jade heats
my throat and these lapis
lazuli mala beads whirled
worlds strung together.

When we meet,
let’s  greet with curiosity.
Especially when the dark
places rise as if to say
here, here I emerge.
Hold. Still. Bear witness
to the long-buried treasure
I offer in this exquisite
moment you could judge
as trouble. Let our vision

of the imprisoned voice
a celebration: let’s
extol the excluded.
Scoff at the dangers
arising in the constant
gauge of what is right and good
and who is safe. And sound:
strike up the band.
Even as we sit in silence,
realize we’re marching in this
extravagant parade.  Go
into the living air
and care for what’s been missing.

Inspired by: Go, Band, Extol and Gauge.

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