Navigating Twitterverse

When your younger brother runs around the house with scissors, you should definitely object. ~

Dedicated to @VinceSchilling and his wife @DelSchilling and their absolutely hilarious and heartbreaking tweets .

I’m not feeling at all amorous

as I wade into the forbidden fray

of squabbling neighbors who are unprepared

to be hospitable and welcome dissidents.

I summon agape.

People expect me to choose

sides, and I am here to hold

space for the silenced. I notice

other compassionate ones in this fight.

Recognizing each other, we light up

the field and connect like artists

who are instructed by the white space

between brushstrokes. My ears are cocked

for the sounds of the ones

we haven’t included. I’m inviting

the silenced to sing. Their laughter

rings, only obvious after I’ve

blocked the streams to Tweeted

hate and lies.  See the clear signs

they’ve been holding patiently?

And their chilling message:

What was done to us

will be done to you

by hate inscribed long ago

in the books of law

you profess to cherish.

Listen. Long the objects of oppression,

we survived.  Ah, the truths we could disclose

if you would only let go of the fear

waves broadcasting relentlessly

and open your wise hearts.

RDP Hospitable

FOWC Prompt: Object

Daily Addictions Prompt: Disclose

Alan’s Recycling Bin: Forbidden

Word of the Day Challenge: Amorous