Running away with me

This house appears in my dreams

regularly, unexpectedly —

so many levels and I am drawn

to the very highest floor, a beautiful space

with wooden ornately carved walls,

ceilings and floors, a relic

it seems from an earlier time.

There are secret niches

and rooms you can open if you know

just where to press the panel.

No one else ever seems to know this place

and so they make themselves comfy

in the lower levels, spacious rooms

with little reading alcoves

and a ballroom for dancing.

When I awaken, sometimes

I reconstruct it in my imagination

losing all the significant messages

I am trying to tell myself

and instead focusing on architecture.

In both realms, waking and dreaming,

it is a diving board

and when I fearlessly jump

I recover lost parts of me.

I’ve been singing alone in a sacred space

and only right now

do I hear my own voice.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: imagination