Hanging out

As the old man rambled on,

I felt my thoughts take off,

transported on the magical journey,

willing to be led

startled by this new perspective.

This!, my soul exclaimed, rising

in exultation as chains and blinders

fell off so smoothly

it was as if they’d never been.

We walked together on a shore

newly revealed by the dawning

sun, the trackless sand spreading

in front of us, the waves

erasing evidence of our path.

He ended gently and as I settled to earth

I heard one of the foreign students

complain about the boring lecture.

The space between the uttered

words is lost when the translation

seizes it.  Perhaps we can only offer this mystery

like a shell cast up by the tide,

silent but for the distant

echo of the waves.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: lecture

Following Clues

I am learning to honor the inklings,

discern the distant echo of a bell ringing,

feel into this ghostly ancestral triggering.

There are others with me

who share the discomfort of this attentive

focus on our wounds:

the bitter tears unshed,

the trauma calcified inside walls

we constructed so long ago

that we forgot them.

As we learn to trust

our listening hearts

hone to

the tiniest signs:

like the flutter of a bird’s wings on the periphery,

a shadow cast by its quick journey,

easily missed

easily dismissed,

observed with doubt until

painfully claimed

with one firm hammer strike

breaking open

bringing to the light

what was hidden behind closed doors.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: inkling