Hiding In Plain Sight

I long to be present for the live
show behind these vacant eyes.
She’s slipped away before we could say
our heartfelt goodbyes.
She was never fully seated,
so it seemed, always floating
above herself engaged in chatter
on little things that didn’t really matter
mosquito buzzing in your ear
and by the time you swat,
it’s disappeared.

Maybe there was something I should have done
tossed a buoy in the ocean of her discontent.
I stood up when he called her loony
helped her trace her steps
when she appeared, having left behind
some little thing, not her mind.
And his gaslighting covering his fear
the two of them lockstep
calling out and insincere.

All the anger disconnected like a cloud
steaming up the mirror.
What they couldn’t say aloud
like poisoned gas, a cloud
I inhaled, but never mind,
that ship has sailed. I find
they’ve locked her here
for safety’s sake. And so we sit
like at a zoo, who’s in the
cage, who’s missing a screw?

Inspired by: Live, Vacant and Ocean.


All My Relations

I am deep in the now

when her cries pull me

into the middle of the road.

“Where are my children?”

They were warned yet they came

so they’re separate, safe

in cells, so safe. She stands

on the black pavement

her stance a brave flag.

Alone. “Where are my sisters?”

It’s a mystery.

The shadow of an eagle falls

across our faces, and we peer

too late into the sky. Missing

without a trace. I grab big

fistfuls of space

my gift as she is calling,

“My brothers, where are my

brothers?” Locked in solitary

with cruelty inked into their souls.

But this is the law.

From my open hands

the now

fog rising from the lake

on a cool autumn morning.

“Where are my elders?”

In tiny rooms where they can’t

fall, don’t worry so.

A strong vine pushes through

the cracks. There are calls

from the trees in languages

long lost.  Roots paved over

push and shift beneath our shuffle.

“Where are my neighbors?”

Cowering from the bomb, bomb, bombs

or bombarded by our virtual cries,

numb, disconnected, blinded

to the love guides.

I open my heart wide

the only place to offer

relational space our chance

to dance with time and

uncover the raw connections

feeling flayed at this demand

to reclaim our forgotten family.


Inspired by interrelationship