Healing My Broken Heart

I’m serious as shit, dumbfounded by
the faces and the stories up for air
released from darkness I summon the light
how I respond with love to my own cry

especially at night the pris’ners fly
caught in a tale of mine—how could I care
traumatized child gasping for air, I left
to visit other realms, create new skies

and I was reckless, hurting, fantasized—
so if you met me while the onus held
my life’s mission of wound and heal and weld
your face awakes dreams, interrupts my nights

I’m serious as shit, dumbfounded by
the chances opening in tender space
how I respond with love to my own cry

Inspired by: Serious, Dumbfounded, Onus and the #OctPoWriMo Day 7 prompt Growing Pains (pain, growth, learning, finding yourself) in a Triolet or Villonet.

“Serious as shit” may be the strongest language a person with digestive issues can utter. I’m focused on huge wounds in my Elucidation and the healing is fierce!

Being Strong Today

Walk away from reinforcing the spells of the old illusion with your words, attention, thoughts, and especially your emotions.~Sandra Walter

I meticulously open places
of distortion in the torsion rivers
obstacles I’ve noticed avoid grace’s
flow, block my juices.  These eerie shivers

when I read apocryphal signposts, “move
along, nothing is buried here”
scrawls in hieroglyphs congruous behoove
my scrutiny.  I aim to free wildish

energy, elucidate what’s rooted
in ice-bound fjords, intense emotions
strategic intelligence once muted.
I’m heat, intentional thaw in motion.

Inspired by: Juice, Apocryphal, Congruous, Elucidate and Eerie. And the astoundingly powerfully life-changing work of Sol Luckman in the Elucidation activation.


Ah, don’t turn away 
this garrulous sky and I
cacophony honking
gaggle of geese
startled by swallows
moving in and out of waves
of sound or thoughts 
winging diaphonous. 
As leaves listen greenly
delicate clouds blush.
The veils dissolve
outside in thresholds
I bring the light.
My secret messages
cannot be read–
perhaps eaten or smoked
like magic or a cosmic joke.
Who seeks my energy,
so fine and fierce 
alas to no avail?
My sacred vessel has no door
the way unfettered
out of your range,
here I am unreachable

Inspired by Catrin Welz-Stein’s marvelous piece Summer-Dreaming. Check out the gallery of amazing artwork for some great inspiration.