Make The Best of Bad

Release yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind.~Bob Marley

We’ve been raised in captivity…for generations.~Eileen McKusick

Around my lanai I grow a scented
hedge of jasmine. This tiny place rented
in a rush while captive under the eyes
of a state tyrannical, my demise

swift and brutal yet I rise, bolstered by
my quest for beauty. Nature’s solace: sky
and sea and all these ancient trees. I reach
but you’re entranced in cabarets–beseech

and plea, but my appeals a waste. Your pain
creates disdain. Our different grounds sustain
deep gulfs if we believe the other needs
to change, become the same. Here we are seeds.

We meet, we fall in love, we breed. Offspring
resentful and suspicious feel the strings
but never guess just how far back these rings
of our immurement stretch through everything.

We are empowered when we truly see
the strictures of our own captivity.
For then and only then can we break free
and write the new inspired narrative.

Inspired by: Lanai, Hedge, Charade and Bolster.