Altar’s Alter

Sitting in meditation, troubling words
emerge to flap frantic, abrupt small birds
batter my house’s hard ceiling, absurd

persistent they break a hole in the roof
of my consciousness, so that a shaft of
light is allowed to enter now.  As proof

of this place carved outside of time and space
I construct an altar, feel now the grace
in my very physical room, the base

of my alchemical transmutation.
Each difficulty offered, creation
gift holy among the crystals stationed:

rose quartz love, deep magnetic pull of eight
hematite stones, a geode carved, the weight
of serpentine, these mysteries a gate

the chance to break the matrix, open me
beyond the confines of controlled mind, see
channeled from outside of my knowing, we

find solutions are instant and easy
unhindered by beliefs, I sit in peace
each troubling thought released to spirit’s breeze.


Inspired in this morning’s meditation to reflect that the solutions to what is facing us are not to be found in the mindset that created them.  Calm and centered, the light inspires.  

The featured image is a piece of serpentine found on the coast, with the “swirl” effect filter.

What You Resist Persists

In my last few hours with this tropical place
Imma tryna freestyle, a topical ace.
What you resist persists, we might as well
praise all the sick and twisted faces that yell
about the need for war, for sanctions
and torturous hell. The populace anxious
and fractured, the spell of separation
the lack of reparation. Dread
capitalism rearing its dying head,
thrashing while the activism feeds
its fire. Do I attract your ire?
Look, we can’t fight against the war
machine, every battle adding benzine.
The situation is dire. We’re up in arms
but that’s more of the same,
just a different spin of the game
’cause we need something to blame.
The solution is dawning just out
of sight and the bridge to the new
world is a write away. Each verse
you say leads us to claim all
the evils we’re afraid to name.
What we deny rides our back
never cuts any slack. We point
accusing fingers at the obvious
zingers. So much greed rooting
in the fear we hold so dear.
Face its tentacled embrace
so this year love will appear
give the all clear.

Inspired by: Few, Freestyle, Praise and Year.


Vanish In The Haze

There is a person on this planet
who celebrates the day we met

a decade later–so I placate
the night’s plaintive despair

of this world that gropes myopic
absent 60 billion bird eyes

sighting up high what we miss
down low. Here approaching

autumn, I mourn the passage
of what 50 years ago seemed

true. Filter the insistent
voices selling lies without

a qualm. During the day I can
wrap the ugly city-scape

with pretty music–no rap–to
transport me to preteen wilds.

But in the light of the moon’s
turning face, away, away, so

cold and distant, I lose my
footing and I find the path

lacks substance. Help me get
my feet back on the ground

The poisoned bodies and minds
lurk and lunge, directed by

flickering screens’ strident
promises of violent war.

Fear conquers. I’m tired
and even though there is

a person on the planet who
celebrates the day we met,

he’s far away and won’t you
please, please help me

Inspired by: Myopic, Autumn, Qualm, Placate and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Wrap/Rap, which means no editing!  And Help by John Lennon, Paul McCartney. I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being round…


A hummingbird joins me.
Overhead a small plane thrums

the lake, and beyond the trees
traffic rumbles the fast lanes.

The pace is all too much.
In deep contemplation I request

a larger container to sanctify
my fear. I send intention soaring

to illuminate this enigmatic
moment. A catbird alarms the far

shore, cheeping swoop of goldfinch.
Alone, I peer from these ancient

eyes, pipped. My fragile shell
must break, and I could die

if I emerge too soon. Surreal
tymbals vibrating cicadas

ebb and flow in a wave of
sound. If you call me

today, use the knowing field.
Find me in the forest

or by this placid shore,
hidden like the white bark

of the leafed sycamore in the
darkened place where trees tingle.

If only I could share joy
in the midst of this cacophony.

Alas, the rollercoaster life spills me
confused. Caught in this welter

of shame: A normal woman surely
holds her sacred connection

even when her loved ones take
their cruel shots. Shattered

and angry, grief-stricken, torn.
I breathe in the brief

true reflection love mirrors. Ah,
this groveling child, the stench

as she emerges unbearable.
Soiled, abandoned–

no Instagram preset
can make this pretty.

Come in, my darling.
Sit while your trembling

subsides. I see you
triggered, driving blindly

as I question the route, only
now gently taking the wheel.

Inspired by: Surreal, Enigmatic, Fear and Sanctify.

Daily Practice

Today the brood of unruly
bluebirds just might transition
to the sky. Especially
the largest, who steps over
his siblings to call out
entreaties and demands,
filling the round hole,
blocking the only source
of light.

I practice moving
to the center, each childish
facet a reminder of where
I’ve been. The uneasy
insight that something’s not
right snipped before fully
flowering. And now,
years later, a random prompt
like the illuminating sun.

I shift out of the calendar
of days and these relentless
minutes. There are places
that I touch, trembling,
awaiting, alive
outside of his-story.
When I bend that linear rule
and step into
what needs to be healed
the morning silences.
A crow caws thrice.
I am here.
I count.

Inspired by: Brood, Snip, Random and Transition.

Integrating The Light

“There’s a lot of bullshit in this world, and it just so happens that we each own an acre of it over which we have total and complete control.”~Caitlin Johnstone

How are all the currents ironed
smooth as a mirror each night?

Drawing me out of the house
to marvel. Big fish leap out

of the unfathomable sky
the lake has captured.

An ancient memory teases
the celebration as a Viking

heads homeward, his hold
filled with plunder, and my

subjugated grandmother, belly
still flat, tracking his departing

sails with joy. I stand at the
threshold and reflect

in this pivotal moment
out of time and space.

The blood-mingling, cell-
deep knowledge emerges.

Vulnerable as a seedling
daring to break the surface,

still I embrace what is.
Step by step I integrate

these gifts, looking
with fresh eyes at

what I can see
and learn about my way.

Inspired by: House, Reflect, Unfathomable and Viking.

Intelligent Survival

An hour after sunrise, birds wing
messages of import.  I struggle
with labels or toss what I’ve captured
with careless expertise
–I know you–

I miss the subtle lessons. Today
I’m disorderly, walking stunned
from dreams and a bleeding
body. Captured rebel in denial
— oh, god, not again,

is this my eternity, suffering
until the stillness resonates and
the ledge appears? Where is my camp
along the raging river? We enter this
war-torn realm

with pure and open hearts accept
agony our loved ones inflict until
we close just so and then again.
Again. The walking wounded
teach us to pretend we are not one,

we do not see, we cannot feel
each other’s pain. We turn our tears
and rage into joking matter,
an energetic trick, sly digs
at the lies we’ve buried.

Ecstasy denied us in its explosive
layers, we’ve settle, muting
colors, limiting the scales,
sounding half-hearted survivors,
so la, the twisted notes we sing.

Inspired by: Rebel, Eternity, Capture and Camp.