End of Empire

A nation held
hostage for a wall
that will never exist,
arrogant pride forcing
800,000 people to work
as slaves. Nothing new
like all women toiling
without wages to care
for the heart needs. My gratitude
app demands I celebrate
three things.  How can I

stop there? Last year, I mourned
a world my children will never
know. Now
I let go of my resistance.
Patriarchy carried us here
but these superficial constructs
melt away when we halt
the narrative. Easy when
a red-wigged buffoon tries to support
this vividly revealed
nonsense. Yet we love

and how
when each word is weighted
with societal significance
when the structure
of grammar and punctuation
damn our creative
thoughts flooding our vision
with muddy imprecision

do we begin
to face
the mother goddess
birth a new creation
this global being
fair exchange

do we invent new metaphors?

The icy control thawing
the mansplaining droning on,
we plant in this richly
composted soil
so long neglected
teeming with treasure
cultivating precious
food for our knowing hearts

which hungered
in the old stories,
myths for a captive audience,
just a trap
old languages
which have never
paid the living
wages we merit
and demand.

Inspired by:  Three, Wall, Thawing, a new moon in Capricorn and a partial solar eclipse.

Virtually Empty

We sink uneasily

into our corpulent bodies

bloated with excessive

ingredients that never satisfy.

Longing for relaxation,

to close our eyes

erase the schoolbus in Yemen

and the children dead by U.S.



means support.  How much do you pay

Jeff Bezos for slave labor?

There is no simple purchase

in this world.  The cheap

throwaway is detrimental

even fatal to another being.

We cruise virtual aisles

filled with pirated plunder,

exclaiming with pride

what a bargain,

uttering an oath

at a hint of true cost.

The one percent dine

on delectables snatched

from our local noses.

Guards patrol gardens

and we huddle, hungry,

at the entry gates

of the promised land,

heads bowed,

eyes glazed

as we enter the flickering

screenshots of a more

palatable feast,

one click away.


Inspired by:  Relaxation, Detrimental, Corpulent,  and Oath.

Fair Exchange

I used to feel all these traditions
boxing me in, caricatures
of the deep symbolism
stripped in capitalistic indulgence.

Swimming on the surface
of tired clerks straining
to hear over the grating
notes of tinny tunes
holiday consumerism irritating
our ears.  All the unsettled

ancestors longing for rites
forbidden, smashed like language,
stolen like children and reworked
to fit this culture’s denizens
sniffing disdainfully
at pagans and sun worship
holy days
mocking the very treasures they’ve stolen.

This year
invited to sit

here now

in the cavernous depths.

Heart-space empowers




I’ve created this simple altar:
see the star
of our constellated lineage
the greenery
of our living presence.
Feel the mother’s love
and the birth of the daughter
compassion welling
as I claim you
with my tender heart.

Inspired by: Caricature, Tradition, Boxing, Indulgence.