Color My World

Drench the world drab 

gray morning blankets 

lost in the resistance

and I’m shivering.

Echoes of harsh 

Mephistophelian snickers

judgmental and cruel

pervade the long corridors

of my stormy night.

My friends expect me

and I just can’t

open my eyes to please them.


I drift into a calm

love is calling

so it’s no coincidence

I’m here in the we-space,


until chaos tumbles

angry red, mindful blue,

passionate purple and

inspired yellow.  

My friend says I’m back

in that black-and-white space

my childhood created

— such a wise person,

look, we survive!

The pendulum swing from

an adorable

toddler celebrating rainbows

and this is good!

shifting when he leaves

to a fierce masquerade

of this constant

critical voice



or me

someone is at fault

someone is bad 

it’s me.

As I reflect

light into the past

I lug around 

seeking mastery, 

my next evolutionary step,

I determine it’s time

to stand on one leg

like a pink flamingo,

nodding to the bluebirds

gathered outside my door

as the first fall flames

flicker gold and orange

and light a different way.

Written for the #OctPoWriMo Day 27 prompt: What color is it? And inspired by: Adorable, Masquerade, Coincidence, Complete, Drench and Mephistophelian.