Now I’m A Believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind.~Neil Diamond

My eyes drawn to the golden glare sunrise
pulsion from sleep to open air surprise
how the matrix takes me into the week
cage doors clank closed unless I fiercely seek

a novel way to conquer razzmatazz

Cardinal trills “believer” with pizzazz

Abandoning the slaver’s ship for skies
I listen. Feathered messengers advise.

Inspired by: Week, Pulsion, Novel and Pizzazz.

Featured image: cardinal at Pixabay by Christy Mesker.

New Beginning

When life is this dear, it means the source is pulling us.~Rumi

In the precarious untapped places
of my intuitive tract rise traces
of knowing insubstantial and exact
in hindsight vapor, visible, untracked

Distracted by the details, living life
fulfilling roles and harmonizing strife
still I am led, I’ve learned to question not
or try to ascertain the why’s so fraught

with pain that expectations cannot meet.
A red-winged blackbird trills “believer” sweet
I sit in the storm’s aftermath, the rain
now gently falls on the funeral plane.

Inspired by: Precarious, Tract and Vapor.

Featured image: My darling Mary Lou, who we bury today.