The Mess Is The Message

Homeless: a phrase to amplify distress
and dissonance, not knowing your address
that unique point within you, your birthright
bestowed by love’s indestructible might

instead, focused on fiat’s greedy clout
bespelled by usurers, we’re trained to doubt
sweating through dark nightmares of hopeless need
hypnotic and psychotic endless feed

early I wake, walk under darkened sky
blind to my stellar connections tongue-tied
by a blanket of haze from melting snow
we partner in pragmatic view, and go

into the unknown painstakingly plunge
taking the steps as shadows emerge, lunge
demand to be embraced, to clarify
the mess that is reflected is a lie.

Inspired by: Connections, Pragmatic, Partner and Homeless.

Wake Up In Time

Some bank men fraud greedily, work Ponzi
schemes, hide apocryphal cartel laundry
streams, blatantly pay off politicians
and testify black lies to commissions

televised questions by curmudgeon guys
whose high dudgeon is an act. You’re surprised
one time, but please, not twice. Be proactive
now you see the device. You’re reactive

time and time again watching movie screens
the same tired old script’s in smithereens.
Surely the long game, you can’t fail to see
setting you up to force CBDCs

controlling every breath from birth to death
dumbed down, enslaved on the quiescent path
You watch until yawning finally wake
in time to create for your higher sake.

Inspired by: Proactive, Curmudgeon, Apocryphal and Sam Bankman Fried’s inglorious billion-dollar steal.