Small Bites

In the parking lot I spy

a tiny round piece of gold

and marvel at it as I enter

the abrupt harshness

of air-conditioned space. 

My errand’s brief, I turn

and wait to leave

as a mother and her two young sons

navigate the precision of entrance.

The youngest insists on operating

the automatic door for himself.

I exclaim, “Whew, you made it!”

to honor his triumph and worry

slipping narrowly through.

When he smiles at me, I open

my palm to display my wealth.

“I just found this outside!”

I exclaim.  “I love it because

it’s shiny and gold!”  His eyes are

wide so I offer it.  “I think

it’s lucky,” I decide.  Cradled

in his hand now as his older brother

covets it.  Perhaps he’ll drop it soon

in a different parking lot for another

grandmother to discover as we all play

the game, recognizing each other,

giving and receiving treasure

with big, excited grins.