It’s No Secret

The orange-violet sky lights
my meditation until now
squinting into golden blessings
the beauty bows my head.

Reverence walks me unsolemn
guides the frivolous joy
songs through my veins
like blood and so

I refuse to say goodbye
to childhood when I see you
we turn the world upside down
and play and play and play.

Inspired by: Guide, Refuse, Goodbye, Secret and Frivolous.

Soundcloud recording here.

Featured image by the amazing Jessica Buono.

Where We Chime

There’s no talk of revolution
it’s all resolutions by prisoners
of time. Led by unnatural rhymes
every year inspired to begin
at the ending, the fire
peters out in the cold, no
stellar underpinning in the time
of war. Our calendar ignores
the natural beats: our breath,
our heart the door of true
perception interrupted by
a clock. Tick-tock anxiety
society: what will you manifest
this year? You’re stressed
to count the ways you’re
blessed within the cruel
cage that no one sees
or mentions. Well, I’m not
grateful for the living wage,
I cannot play inside these years,
walking lockstep toward the
inescapable past, looking for
one thing that’s changeable.
Funhouse mirrors reflect all
our illusions, on call as if
there’s some other place to go.
Some other heart to know.
There’s no appointment for
tomorrow. Unfettered now
bestows each breath, each
pulsing beat and we reflect
light shimmering
inside of skin. Like trees
reaching for ancestral stars
sparkling the heavens
where we chime
outside of time.

Inspired by: Ending, Stellar, Reflect and Begin and some gorgeous trees at my favorite park.

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