Love Unmasking

Work on your stuff or your stuff will work on you.~Steven Forrest

Yesterday the zinging web presented
strangers and neighbors’ dogs,

my nimble heart like a bee among
nectared blossoms until I lumbered

home. The introvert with social skills
so easily called beyond the borders,

feigning strength even to myself.
My overwhelm a necessary piece

of the tenacity today.
I matter.

Reaching into my core, the innermost
fires of the planet breathing

life. This is it. Welcome
what is in my way. These precious

blocks, so long scorned
and ugly, dark shadows of

unresolved trauma I carry
weighted and slow until you

laughing and easy, hold out
a hand. Together we open

these cumbersome boxes and shine
the tarnished treasures within.

Inspired by: Nimble, Tenacity, Web and Welcome.