If Only You Believe

I know love is the answer (Yes, it is)
Keeps holding this world together, yeah
Ain’t nothing better ~ Jefferson Starship

In this theater
of possibility, I uncover
barriers erected long ago,
snow forts defended by stalwart
three-year-olds, frozen
protectively over an infant.
We deliquesce onto the new
stage of miracles, ta-dah!

I hereby declare
my superpowers:

I give to you
because I can,
the queen sitting on a hill
of treasure, gladly handing out
necklaces of pearls and
intricately carved jade,
shining golden coins etched
with the profiles
of me in different ages.

I can feel through trees,
see with heart-eyes,
presence vibes.  I manifest
easily, dramatic energetic
transmutations every full moon.

I offer slices of reality
and laugh
because they are just wordplay.
I can stop mid-sentence
to abandon a belief.

I can enter deep pain
as a miner
with an archeologist’s heart.

Here is my friendship
and compassion. Come
just as you are, the only strings
dazzling constellations
inspiring us.

I share dark secrets:
right now I am afraid
to receive.
Even so,
life is more intelligent
than I can credit.

We dance
wide-eyed, quick
embraces and sweet

and the gift
all glorious holograms
lighting up the dark places
just as I offer
my heart to you.

Inspired by: Barrier, FriendshipTheater, Miracle, Inspiring