Look Up

Fearless balancing over the chasm
curious, steadfast, quashing sarcasm
and all the victim songs I’ve sung so well
they’ve cocooned my perceptions. Where I dwell

this sacred vessel poised here in this now
that opens wide and deep when I can bow
unfettered by possessions. I am free
to move across these bridges I can’t see.

Obscured by lies broadcasted dissonance
fear and stress are bound to imprison us.
Look up, turn off the screens, reality’s
quite different from the vaunt digitally.

Inspired by: Steadfast, Fearless, Digitally and Vaunt.

Thinking Outside The Box

The black bamboozle box lurks foreboding
leaps to his voice to flood the cabin-zing
hey google, dissipate the peace, release
the latest fear, please don’t hesitate, seize

reality; I can’t create today
too frightened by the scenes shown yesterday.
He’s hypnotized. He cannot reach the ground.
Past constructs spinning, holding him unsound.

Our paths deviated when the earth showed
common sense beats electronic mirth-mode
that keeps anxiety on high alert
and energy’s sweet currency diverts.

Inspired by: Bamboozle, Foreboding, Cabin and Dissipate.

Featured image: What we create today seeds in ways we cannot fathom.