Sacred Medicine

The medicine is already within the pain and suffering. You just have to look deeply and quietly. Then you realize it has been there the whole time.~Thomas Hubl

Before dawn my evolutionary
stance requires I feel all the hurt buried
alive. Pain molecules from cold storage
thaw in the healing light. Hungry, forage

through my sensibilities. Agony
even when expected–I opened wounds
cannily–thwarts my intentional tunes
like some ribald cat-calling ancestor

who got off scot-free, leaving the high cost
with interest to me. Wake, dreaming goddess
in bare feet, indigenous to earth, ground
and release. Raw transfiguration frees.

Inspired by: Thwart, Indigenous, Scot-free and Ribald.

Featured image: Lake reflects illusions, reminds me to question my interpretations.

In The In-Between Places

Egret, as a Spirit Animal, often comes to those who find themselves in-between places, people, or phases in their life. The awareness of having no real bearings makes people uneasy. Egret guides you through that uncertainty with greater ease; during this period, you may feel alone, but you are not. You have good people surrounding you and spiritual supports, so lean on them.~Bernadette King

I look up from grousing to a snowy
flurry of white herons. Five soar showy
spirals–once we were six but mother died.
Now gracious living family style collides

with hot male diatribes of worth. Rescind
the doctrine followed blindly. This dead end
reveals the new. From rusty relics rise
creating. Rejoice. One bird takes the skies.

Inspired by: Doctrine, Rusty Relic, Gracious, Rescind and a sight I’ve never witnessed on this lake: a family of five great white herons which, as soon as my gaze lit on them, rose majestically from the far shore of the lake and then went their separate ways.

Featured image: The herons left before I could capture them, so here’s a photo I took of a great egret who visited the day after my mother passed.

Mixing Metaphors

Intentions go awry when drama strikes
and sinks its serpent fangs in trauma sites.
But then, go figure, you appear and say,
hone, laser sharp, don’t enter story’s fray.

Remove the useless viper, now defanged
an old reality, like a steam train
whose day has past chugs belching fire and smoke
into the empty station, just a joke

from an old script I learn then toss. The new
arises in each breath. As I go to
the street address now offers, I can see
the jumbled toxic mess called history

with all its metaphors hung out to dry
like wrinkled cotton in a deadly sky.
Chimeras begging, insisting I buy
short shrift patristic-worded outright lies.

I stand empowered, though you only see
an old woman, penniless in her grief
loosening gently the ancestral curse.
Harried since birth, hereby declare my worth.

Inspired by: Train, Hone, Awry and Figure. Having a bit of fun today after a full-blown attack (using a wondrous mixaphor approach) on my raison d’ĂȘtre.

‘Twixt Tweedledum and Tweedledee

What aims you?~John Lamb Lash

When male kin taunt and tweet derisive scorn
I feel the trigger right between the thorns
but no longer do they sweep me to weep,
overweening creeps keeping me from sleep.

Inspired by: Keeping and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt wee.

Featured image: mother duck and her brood at sunset.

Down That Same Path

We’re captive on the carousel of time.~Joni Mitchell

The man who cannot hear me refuses
tests, to my frustration. Brother uses
grandpa’s selective hearing to explain
it’s solely me Dad chooses to disdain.

And now I know it’s psychological
a physical kit to amplify will
not achieve victory in this attempt
to bridge the family gender contempt.

Inspired by: Kit, Carousel, Victory and Solely.