The Listening Space

The anger that comes up is a liberating force.  We feel that something is blocked in the space.  This energy has something to say.~Thomas Hübl

It happened today and I noticed
behind my firewall
the flush and my temperature rising
this unfamiliar call.

My mind said hush and in a rush
ticked off the reasons why:
an accident, she didn’t mean
it’s all my fault, I was too green,
such a small thing, get over it.

Suddenly, I see inside
my cast-iron cauldron’s depths—
created once upon a time
when silence meant survival—

I sizzle.

Calling up the days when rage
meant instant punishment
and cold intent to root it out.
A watched pot never boils.

I learned to hide it well, even
from me. Whence comes this newfound strength
to stand and speak the words
(couched in the past, I’m new at this)

I was furious.

Growling, the dragon’s curling
such a long and twisted tail
—surely she hates my guts for this,
the dread of discord turned me pale
but that was yesterday.

acknowledged zings and zips
through my awakened cells.
Behold, the dragon stirs.

I’ve tapped into the well
trapped in time, uncoiling now.
Break the spell, I’m in the flow.

Life is not nice and
yes, I’ll bite
even the hand that feeds me.

Inspired by: Dragon, Behold, Firewall and Flow.

Boundary Waters


You should know better

than to talk to me so early.

My eyes alone should warn you,

lost in a poem sprouting

deep in mind-soil.

I arise from morning waters

not in an instant

crossing the labyrinthine channels

irrigating my dreams.  Now

I must walk on earth

but though I warn you:

only glance at me,

look away,

you stand close and demand

my attention.  You are pulling out


my poem’s colors painting

you in shades you’ll declaim

later.  It looks like scorn,

feels like magnets attach

to the line you’ve cast

into my depths. This way

of healing is raw

so we’ll suffer through

the opening of old wounds.

I aim to release these family

anchors, to watch

my descendants soar like swallow-

tailed kites poised

rare in the summer


prey no more.

Inspired by: Labyrinthine, Instant, Scorn and Kite.

Cross Purposes

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

Even though our hearts are

petrified by fear

calcified in resistance,

I hold hope for our reunion.

I start by issuing my apologies

like passing out leaflets

on the street.  Intent to replace

every stone

I’ve carelessly carried

from its own destiny

for a second’s pleasure.

Seeing now how I’ve moved

through the world, unaware

of the damage of my passage,

the blind disruption

of my collector’s

pretentious sentiment,


even a rock’s right

to be where it is.

Still now

I halt here.


The first step

of my new journey

bends my curiosity

to your inner world, the one

I’ve ignored for so long,

absorbed in my own pain.

Dropping the story, finally

present for your agony

on these parallel paths

you’ve sworn will never cross.

Inspired by: Hope, Sentiment, Leaflet and Petrified.