Rejection Slip

Silence is consent. And silence where life and liberty is at stake, where by a timely protest we could stay the destroyer’s hand, and do not do so, is as criminal as giving actual aid to the oppressor, for it answers his purpose.~Ernestine Rose

In the dark hours before dawn, I rise
and bid the ogreish nightmares goodbye.
Face in the mirror, hand over my heart
I pledge my unique gifts. I’ll do my part.

My soul’s obligation is to embrace
while saying I do not consent. This place
and time show clearly what is durable.
The fear and greed recipe’s curable.

Be light and dance, I am advised. Shadows
chastise and all that I’ve despised disclose
the work I’ve yet to do, illuminate
the poorly written script as it deflates.

Inspired by: Durable, Ogreish and Obligation.

Cutting Edge

I eat my peas with honey. I’ve done it all my life. It makes the peas taste funny, but it keeps them on the knife.

I hang out with a six-year-old, discuss
cosmography and medicine and thus
expose the lies of our entrainment-ken
nonsensical theories we must defend

because it’s so. Unravel all I know:
a tapestry woven by clever foes
instilling false beliefs like pretty fluff
we carry unexamined off the cuff.

Segue to dark: grovel, beg my liver
release the arrows stored in your quiver
anger tips venom-coated deadly aimed
to take flight, fell the enemies I blamed

and claimed have caused the ills in this moment.
This sore throat’s yesterday’s hurt bestowment
and weapons I’ve created to take arms
I release. I will not cause myself harm.

Inspired by: Grovel, Pretty, Flight, Segue, and Moment.

Featured image: Honey medicine. A little goes a long, long way.

Gateway Wisdom

The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.~Laura Walker

The spiral path of learning twists and turns
reveals niggling hurts ready to burn
stowed in the overwhelm in caverns sealed
so long ago, forgotten in the field

latent, ignored behind the screens of years
powerful extracts formed distilling fears.
This is the medicine I self-create
infused with feelings condensed to filtrates

and as I step watchful through each new gate
intentional release, with love curate
I heal myself, changing, touched by new sun
reaching through winter’s chill, I am undone.

Inspired by: Extract, Screen, Latent and Stow.

Life Cycles

For Carolyn Sue on her birthday.

Sitting on the floor as sun spills golden
through the green, green leaves, puppy emboldened
brings her scrumptious bone and chews by my side
then chases tail. Exuberance provides

the path to rejuvenation
grief and sorrow detonation

I am opened wide before this display
antics, mischief, a desire to play

The need for qualifications release
let experts drone, opine. I am at peace
with wisdom carved from my own conscious breath
greet certainties of life: sun, stars and death.

Inspired by: Scrumptious, Detonate, Rejuvenate, Before and a puppy who is helping me today on my deceased mother’s birthday.

Featured image: After I texted my pup’s former owners with an update, she cuddled with this pink blankie she’s had since she was tiny. Before that, she posed (below).

Healing From The Inside

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few.~Suzuki Roshi

I carted taradiddle til the weight
unbalanced topsy-turvy. The debate
abstract white-coated pill-pushers prescribed
without a cause or cure. They have been bribed

to deal in poisons. When I cleared my mind
and firmly told them that I must decline
they rebuked my noncompliance
though I pointed out their science

theoretical at best
just an educated guess

that failed to take into account
the human biome’s paramount.
Toxins to soothe symptoms is tantamount
to throwing oil on flames. Their body count

convinced me a beginner’s mind ensures
wellness. Change is an inside job, for sure.

Inspired by: Beginner, Abstract and Cart.

Back To Basics

Although I came a knowing spark of life,
the feedback I received called “love” the strife
of competition for a share of care.
I aimed to win. I learned fast to beware

and so my birthright sensibility
faded incognito even to me.
I kept a mere acquaintance with my soul
until I realized that to be whole

the early cryptic programming must be
deciphered and the code released, once seen,
as disentangling the toxic threads
with focus and compassion, true love spreads

Inspired by: Feedback, Spark, Acquaintance and Incognito.

Healing Change

Back when I entrenched my passive hubris
the modern way, soothing to improve this
inflammation, any symptom a clue
I’d medicate, unquestioned, bleary, brew

of my own fermentation, unheeded
a total paradigm shift was needed.
There is no magic pill–harmful construct
that leads us–victims–to flee what obstructs

our easy flow. Programmed to find comfort
in stasis, disease and its discomfort
familiar places, we give names to fear
building our forts in diagnoses dear

propaganda dissonance calcifies
we’re hypnotized to ignore our own cries
looking outward for rescue, hurt, lonely
when inward change is how we heal, only.

Inspired by: Passive, Soothing, Entrench and Bleary.

Featured image by Robin Scheiner with Delauney effect filter.

Light In The Storm

Positive vitality is what keeps us healthy.~Jon Rappoport

Rockefeller’s selling–so lucrative–
oil byproducts snake oil for putative
symptom redress made a mess for the real
ways in which people can heal. Such a steal

inverting knowledge of one’s own terrain
by postulating outside forces gain
power invisibly and then to say
drugs are the answer and we must all pay

The lies persist to this day. Germ theory
unproven through a century’s query.
Money talks. Logic balks. The genuine
rejuvenation can only decline.

And so awake embodied pilgrim whole
uniquely primed to follow one’s own soul
must forge the path to wellness, listening
inner guidance curative christening.

Inspired by: Pilgrim, Lucrative, Genuine and Heal.