You Think This Happens Every Day?

He’s two today and he can call

my name, Bibi, with all his heart.

We talk on the phone.

I’m singing to him and honking

and quacking, cawing,

even scolding like a great blue heron.

He’s singing them right back 

to me, and I can feel

the fire in our hearts ignite.

He breaks into a rush of

tumbled words and nonwords,

a story he wants me to know

and though it cannot be translated

word for word, these disembodied

electrical signals transmitted as

radio waves and converted back into sound

are soul speak: I understand.

We are celebrating each other

as if centuries had divided us

up until these perfect moments

of pure connection.

I hear his mother say,

“Tell your grandma bye-bye” 

and instead he yells,

“Hi, hi!  Bibi!  Hi, hi!”

And so we laugh and explore

until we finally

say farewell with joy

bursting from our cells,

all the deep places where

we treasure true love.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: rush