Sunset Walk

Every four-year-old child understands that the world is alive, intelligent, aware, communicative and filled with soul. ~ Stephen Buhner

She spies us from her hilltop

and screams since her parents insist

she ask first.  Running heart-first,

she stops and pivots in visible

frustration, torn between her cell-

deep celebration and the civilizing

influence.  We are pacing mindfully

aware that 14 times 7 equals 98

in human years but already

in that connected space that wags

tails and beams across faces.

Relief as the hidden is revealed,

our generous gifts emerging even

before our exuberant meeting.  A spray

of water from a wet fur coat

is greeted with a delighted squeal

and we regard each other 

with such spaciousness.  True

availability in this present moment.

Shaky cartwheels and petting,

eyes meeting and secrets shared:

the candour of the innocent,

the eloquence of the child.

Revitalized, we walk away, standing tall.

Waving every few steps to the goodbyes

so extravagantly bestowed.

The strong four-year-old heart,

pure, emanating power.  We are all

radiating abundance and she races

across her lawn for one final

touch across the so-called space

that divides us.  And I pet my

wagging companion, embraced

by my own wide and spreading smile

as we head into the last

vivid flames of sunset.


Inspired by: Hidden, Candor, Eloquence 

Giving The Moon and the Stars

I want to tune into you
when we meet, just sitting
with eyes closed at first.
When I come in contact
with your brilliance, let me first
integrate myself, resonate
with my sensations, own
these feelings that my busy mind
shoves aside with its endless
recycling of old news. I need to expose
my tender heart carefully
to myself, honoring all of the pieces
that I’ve never been able to digest
as I hurry through life, ignoring
all the past trauma I’m dragging
around. Just give me five
minutes to arrive. I want to see
you from a place of integration,
from my inner spaciousness that includes
all of the pieces of me
that being with you is sure
to trigger. I walk around so
guarded, staggering from the careless
barbs, wounds inflicted by loved
ones. It’s left me feeling like perfection
should be my goal. I need
to let go of my expectations
and greet you, fellow child,
in all our glory, bruised arms
and scabby knees, in this safe
container we create to relate.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: Perfection