Global Warming

The process of rewarming is extremely painful; the tissues will not hurt at all until they are rewarmed, but once they begin to thaw, the pain is intense. – Williams College Health Center on frostbite

I am in a state of shock
and I feel powerful.

I want to end this life
and I want to stay and heal.

I am disgusted by the rampant
dingy soiled sheets
aired and called clean
on the public streets.

I am frightened by the lies
like treacle, treacherous
and sticky, cloying
and repressing all decency.

The welfare of the planet
mocked and denigrated
the airwaves controlled
by greedy powerseekers

who blast this continual
filth, inspiring the basest
among us, the psychopaths,
to strike out

in their justified fear,
following the hateful prompts
ringing in their ears
24/7. The numbers don’t lie,

the hate permeates
the call to resist
promising more
to resist. I ignore the ephemeral

pull, relax into the ocean
of movement.
I’ve already discovered
the disconnect inherent

in the specialists’ diagnoses:
angry inflammation of cells
the condition in this moment
inexplicable, everlasting.

I call bullshit.

Colonialism creates an entire system
based on consumption
and it consumes us,
holy hell

our need inflamed
and the soothing sublime
solution, so long locked out,
is going to hurt

when we allow it back.
We listen and slowly
invite what is outside

what is frozen within us,
in this torment

hosting the thaw

screaming and allowing
because this change
reorders our chaotic lives

and it’s time
to leap
into the creative flow
all together now

our global hive mind
to change this moment

on this planet
we hold in our very cells.

Written in response to #OctPoWriMo Day 29 prompt: By the numbers, and inspired by: Repress, Dingy, Ephemeral, Sublime, and Welfare.