My Spirit Soars

In this starlit darkness, birds create bright
songs to conjure skies. Anticipate light
and soon the eastern glow will lift laments
and cries for those who, stuck in story, pent-

up, inveigled in the lies, cannot know
hope. The freedom codes outring cussed, old
perceptions of enslavement. It’s the fourth
of July. The end is nigh. To the north

the sunrise pinks this long, slow, sweet delight
unveiling mystery and now the night
is over. Dawn presides, a symphony
of trills and whistles colors brilliantly

my sight. I dance and open windows, doors
unlock. My heart instructed by the corps
of angels, spirit messengers in flight.
An owl wings over, last vestige of night.

Inspired by: Lament, Inveigle and Cussed.

Featured image: A bluebird yesterday, driving off a mealworm thief.

All Blessings Flow

Your lifestream is energy–monitor where that energy flows….to the New creation, rather than the old.~Sandra Walter

In the morning, wet grass imparts wisdom
to bare feet. Dark clouds. And now smoke has come,
assails. Follow scents, open dank places.
Heart-song gut-led walk out of the laces

I’ve bound myself in servitude to those
conspicuous in fear rigamarole.
Pitiful they seek my strength, then suck dry
until imbalanced I pace under skies

promising adventure once I release
the old, create new songs with energy
flowing through love. This portal is a squeeze,
a birth canal. I must push through somehow.

Inspired by: Conspicuous, Rigamarole, Adventure and Impart.

Down That Same Path

We’re captive on the carousel of time.~Joni Mitchell

The man who cannot hear me refuses
tests, to my frustration. Brother uses
grandpa’s selective hearing to explain
it’s solely me Dad chooses to disdain.

And now I know it’s psychological
a physical kit to amplify will
not achieve victory in this attempt
to bridge the family gender contempt.

Inspired by: Kit, Carousel, Victory and Solely.