Unlimited Fuel

The shadow self is a million suns of energy kept in check. and the controllers of this civilization want it kept that way.~Jon Rappoport

Underneath the shameless treacle clogging
truth, this manipulation cynical
cruel, sticky illusions are fogging
my view.  I’m collared in unethical

great historical lies, television-
fed, chained in a tract insubstantial dread
and dissonance.  Distrust inner vision
seek outward, obey a master instead

of creating with superpowers.  Deep
inside of each imagination spring
unlimited realities.  I leap
opening to flow, unfold mighty wings.

Inspired by: Illusion, Television, Tract and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: collar. Once again, the stream of consciousness prompt is testing me. So many different metaphors, such a need for editing, but that’s not how this prompt rolls.

Creative Depths

A dragon wriggles from the squiggles
red-eyelashed coquetry sailing blue
seas in a yellow sky, giggles
and jiggles, a jaunt crossing right through

imagination—emerging wise
and wonderful to urge: paint more soon!
Not to bully, just expand the size
of reality—outside lampoons

elites have honeyfuggled so sweet
distractions praising someone else’s
created world—gasp—necktie tight. Meet
me in space, though they call it selfish

and disparage our superpowers.
We throw off the leash and find that we
rise majestic moving paint.  Hours
wild and free defeat powers that be.

Inspired by: Jaunt, Honeyfuggle, Lampoon and Bully. And painting squiggles with my grandson.

While The Blossoms Still Cling

Today sitting with a soupçon of hope
the kind that wraps around like smoke designed
to bypass all the doors I’ve firmly closed,
I glimpse into present.  Now is just fine

so why do I worry and project doom?
Scare tactics I created to survive
come crashing down.  Good riddance.  I make room
for new insights upon which I will thrive.

Listen, as all the old systems crumble,
detox, deterge, release.  Weep if you must.
Illusions we’ve anchored life on tumble
leaving us free.  Imagine limitless.

Inspired by: Deterge, Design, Survive and Soupçon.

Featured image is a Rose of Sharon juxtaposing old withered petals, new vibrant blooms and bursting red buds. How nature brings the exact lesson I need!

Title is from a folk song I still love to play and sing: Today by Randy Sparks.