Weavers Gather

Weavers gather in the spurious storm
independent individuals bring
insightful empathy.  We create form
with wizardry. Touching each wound, we sing

not to replace; we’re casting the net wide
beyond the times and spaces where we live.
We’re hurling brand new stars into our skies
resolving that each fractal, reclaimed, gives

this power to the races trained to lie
in abject servitude.  Wake and be strange.
Meander in the woodsy places.  Fly
with dragons.  Overnight the planet’s changed.

Inspired by: Spurious, Independent, Woodsy and Replace.

Free At Last

The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.—Helen Keller 

In the early days school-ruled, empathy
for a clown shot down.  A group is controlled
and different strokes earn scolds, no sympathy.
Be good, sit still, be quiet as you’re told

exactly what reality entails.  
Heresy any drift from the mainstream
fairytales where insanity prevails
blaring endlessly to destroy the dreams

of each empowered person whose daring
imagines limitless with no restraint.
Timelines are shifting, cracks in space tearing
the veils.  Now we’re freed.  Watch how we create.

Inspired by: Empathy, Clown, Heresy and Different.

Life Force

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space. These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire, Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.~Bonnie Lange

Create with imagination what you most deeply desire and make it into fact in the new world.~Jon Rappoport

Curiously sedate air, it’s a new
morning, a sweet summer’s breeze glorious
sun insisting warm days will continue–
yesterday’s fall alarm a needless fuss.

Each moment a new threshold poised for change.
Alert as subtle messages take wing.
Pry out the old, my life has rearranged.
Ancient patterns have no sway, everything

exposed, the big reveal I’ll leave behind.
Again, the flimsy script—ho hum—fumbles
false portraits of existence charcoal lines.
Wild powers seethe and new colors rumble.

How were we all enslaved so easily?
Imagination squelched in every child.
Some of us took it underground, teasing
cryptic verse and song celebrating wild.

We need to put our feet right on the ground
when internet has crashed and we’re online
with new expanded senses, tuned in sound
and using superpowers, our divine

unlimited resources—watch me blow
all these dark clouds away.  They are the dreams
and fears others concoct, you buy, controlled
until you wake now is not what it seems.

Inspired by: Pattern, Pry, Charcoal and Online.

Hanging My Stars

“Good mornin’ starshine, there’s love in your skies.”~William Oliver Swofford

I see no sanctuary in ruins. 
Bluejays are calling mystery from trees
after three cheered my housing app moving
to the dustbin; a year’s wait.  Spinning free

under my new sky.  Tillie clears the green
returns to the house, gentle love shining
generous and grounded.  Sometimes when screens
blue-lit have captured the humans, mining

their energy to fuel the disputed,
she comes to me, big brown eyes seeing life.
I power my own creations, rooted
integrity, no resonance with greed.

Overnight petunias became stars, glow
whitely across water defining tasks: 
Choose carefully under which light I bask.  
Odd requests merit respect.  Old knowing

insubstantial, a raven’s cry, not mine.  
A new blazing sun arrives.  Fall is near.  
Multilayered, I celebrate, aim high. 
Fear a false construct, I see now what’s dear.

Inspired by: Raven, Bask, Odd and Respect


The World Has Changed

Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?~Robert Lamm

Morning diamonds glitter fantabulous
so recently silvered by the moon.  Cries
ecstatic greet the golden light.  The fuss
of a hunter, out of tune, simply flies

out of perception, for the world has changed
while we were dreaming in our blue-lit screens
–willing servants, single-minded, deranged
taught from birth to cage our creative means.

Imagine you can breathe out full power
intense and focused, out of step.  The crowd
moves on and you’re in balance.  It’s now or
never.  Project your wildest song, strong, loud.

Then step into the natural world.  Stars
and planets inviting you to see.  Far
from the tales composing reality
inspired and creating, you’ll find me.

Inspired by: Fantabulous, Hunter, Ecstatic and Intense.

Grackles Yawp

In the morning August flexes muscles
heated and sure with a riffling breeze
teasing the clinging leaves.  They will hustle
in the fall, but right now they burn.  The bees

are busy, penetrating drowsy blooms.
Grackles yawp and whistle staking treetops
as cicadas join the connection.  Rooms
of realities rest lightly non-stop

infinite, open my heart’s convictions.
All the rainbows my childish eyes perceived
are back in town.  I’ve loosened restrictions
—namecalling nerd closed parts of me, conceived

protective cages I no longer need.
The timeline shifts, I shower love and signs
upon that younger self of mine, stronger
now, imagining free, sacred, aligned.

Inspired by: Rainbow, Connection, Nerd and Yawp.

What Is This Power You Speak Of?

“Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?”~Robert Lamm

You’re pounding pans and pots a kitchen din
intrusion in the middle of song now
old lyrics wrong. Each illusion I spin
hurl fireballs into the sky. Ka-Pow! 

Stepping outside of time, mornings in rhyme,
watching the systems rocket out of place. 
I balance on the precipice, sublime
penniless with nothing to defend. Space

a garden where I plant brilliant new stars.
The old ones crumpling beneath my feet
crackling carpet, autumn leaves. Earthstar,
I call my sacred vessel home, I’m free

moving in and out of illusion past
the crowd who’ve come to run me off the cliff.
And now aglow the sun beckons, so vast
illuminating my own hieroglyph.

With care I pull the weeds, examine each:
strong medicine I’m learning to respect,
stir into my potion, deep knowing reach.
Heartsure and here I am, my love, connect.

Inspired by: Garden, Carpet, Rocket and Intrusion

Where Songs Rise

A black dog’s shadow
blocks the basement

I know from these lines
a song is welling.

And I’m writing in deep
silence lyric led

but Imma need ta belt this out

honor this gift

Songs are writing side by side
and laughing about it.


A quadrille to celebrate being in the right place at the right time as songs emerge.

Songs of Praise

Pause at the brink. This yawning door requires
quiet poise. Bluejay warns. We scan dapples.
Bobbled green tomato drops. Catch! Squirrel
chatters, scatters and the chase to grapple

ensues. Slippery deck, dog’s nails skitter.
Some raincloud funneled fury just here, the
grass is bone-dry. My bones crystal glitter
under sun’s fierce gaze. How I trust clearly

this opening, diving like a bird with
widespread pinions catching unforeseen updrafts.
I’ve crashed before. Steering wild worlds with
strange ideas and praise. Oh, hearts, dream up

beyond your ridicule and laughs my flights
of fancy trigger. Hard to predict safe
landing just as these raving crowds ignite
in discontent. So I sing: Wake now! Wake!

into the din. I’m laying down a track
we’ve known since ancient times. We still
tune in, we improvise. I’ve got your back
as our true music rises up and spills.

Inspired by: Catch, Bobble, Trust and Pinion.

What Is Never Lost

A bluejay warns the grounded beings, shares
perspectives for those who heed suchlike: fierce
courageous singers in a key we can
not hear with ears. Cicadas thrum tympan

in waves of longing after thirteen years
inevitable to emerge ringing
of love and loudly proclaim fears faced proudly
in that cold dark sleep. In the deep

songs of living–and now sirens blare–include
what emerges. Claim this sunbeam, this beach
the lightly rocking swing. Sometimes I feel
the rhyme or meter sways and rocks the boat

A lone goose bleats. I tilt and set the swing
sideways. That kind of day. Alert. Awake.
The coffee tastes divine. Each being gives
and I receive, celebrate what I find.

Inspired by: Fierce, Inevitable and Beach.