What Is This Power You Speak Of?

“Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?”~Robert Lamm

You’re pounding pans and pots a kitchen din
intrusion in the middle of song now
old lyrics wrong. Each illusion I spin
hurl fireballs into the sky. Ka-Pow! 

Stepping outside of time, mornings in rhyme,
watching the systems rocket out of place. 
I balance on the precipice, sublime
penniless with nothing to defend. Space

a garden where I plant brilliant new stars.
The old ones crumpling beneath my feet
crackling carpet, autumn leaves. Earthstar,
I call my sacred vessel home, I’m free

moving in and out of illusion past
the crowd who’ve come to run me off the cliff.
And now aglow the sun beckons, so vast
illuminating my own hieroglyph.

With care I pull the weeds, examine each:
strong medicine I’m learning to respect,
stir into my potion, deep knowing reach.
Heartsure and here I am, my love, connect.

Inspired by: Garden, Carpet, Rocket and Intrusion

While The Blossoms Still Cling

Today sitting with a soupçon of hope
the kind that wraps around like smoke designed
to bypass all the doors I’ve firmly closed,
I glimpse into present.  Now is just fine

so why do I worry and project doom?
Scare tactics I created to survive
come crashing down.  Good riddance.  I make room
for new insights upon which I will thrive.

Listen, as all the old systems crumble,
detox, deterge, release.  Weep if you must.
Illusions we’ve anchored life on tumble
leaving us free.  Imagine limitless.

Inspired by: Deterge, Design, Survive and Soupçon.

Featured image is a Rose of Sharon juxtaposing old withered petals, new vibrant blooms and bursting red buds. How nature brings the exact lesson I need!

Title is from a folk song I still love to play and sing: Today by Randy Sparks.