This Is The Path

So much to digest
the buoyant trauma bobbing up
escaping my firm and
constant pressure to keep
this drama contained.
Letting all the content
settle under calm
guidance, a transmission
irradiates the presence,
diamonds formed from coal.
All the dark and fearful
places, shunned, unknown
arise in us. I’m tearful
as I recognize in you
in me, in us, love’s
intelligence, the will
to live, protecting innocence.
This lost and hungry child
in you, in me, in us,
so long exiled, we welcome
now. There is no better
you. The Tao simply includes.

Inspired by: Settle, Buoyant, Irradiate and Guidance.


We Hold Each Other

I’d like to weigh in with my

insightful advice but the way

I live is like a nude in

a society of actors who relish

Shakespearian garb.  Everyone’s

talking cravats and hem lengths

and I’m feeling my skin.  The party

is wining up and wheying down

with curds and soufflés and trifles.

I consider the purity of water,

infuse it through harmonics

whispering I love you below the drone

of exuberance in this mass

consumption.  The tenuous

connection stretches taut between

us.  I can’t recommend the choices

moving me into this quiet pool

of reflection.  Your dance moves

quick while I fast.

We hold each other somehow

stripped down, dressed up

singing rhymes

perfectly in time.

Inspired by:  Nude, Advice  and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt weigh/way/whey.

Essential Ingredient

If there is something in nature you don’t understand, odds are it makes sense in a deeper way that is beyond your understanding.

If you see fraud and don’t shout fraud, you are a fraud.~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Under a quivery yellow

tulipifera—in this breeze,
lit by a sunbeam right before

the rain comes. Who can hear secrets?
What is the sound of a thousand

trembling leaves? A stage whisper
reaching into the receptive

cells that vibrate living. Can we
recognize the song cascading

past the stained-glass windows? In the
fastness, pious people kneel eyes

closed before their almighty white
patriarch, chanting, gulled and farmed

for their subservient tithing
to the very ones who kill the

sacred mother, dispossessed of
even her holy spirit. Saved

by random unrecognized
movers like this impossible

black swan, unpredictable
catastrophic consequences,

slipping into our collective
shadows unclaimed and unnamed—

look, just there in the blink
between dreams and soft waking.

There is no other place to go.
There is no better song than yours,

issuing right now off-key and
fun, original lilting you.

Written prompted by: Almighty, Original, Kneel and Farm.

Into The Tapestry

I sink into now
scribble insights

sung by birds who tease
tunes out of the clouds

in my sky.  Morning’s gift
waking to the beings

oblivious? No, my presence
is noted, the alarm sounded

when I first appear, ongoing
as I stay.  Or are they stitching

me into this day, purposeful and
cheery?  They flit in my periphery

like invitations too quick
to grasp in my lumbering

clumsy listening, trying to
translate when this language

is not like mine and
what is being

communicated is on another plane
of existence.  I’m all car and house

the spell I inherit–society glamour,
shopping aisles the trodden

paths away from verdant here.
I can’t say whether they carry

tree blessings, sky songs,
but I imagine this bright

weaving invisibly, a crazy
quilt of treasured pieces

stretching across and as I write
these words, the trees are nodding.

Breezeless sultry air suddenly
blown kisses of mirth

at my galumphing morning poetry
indulgent patience

waiting for me to awaken
wordless and join the celebration.

Inspired by: Verdant, Inherit and Glamour.

Include Yourself

I abandon all false modesty

because I belong. In my body,

in my seething emotions,

in my recycled thoughts spinning

out of control. I belong

in this family, no longer

need to show up and create “peace”

by letting go of my way.

I risk exposure by being authentic

and even so, this is me. I belong

to my community. No matter

what views I express or how

they trigger you. I am alive

and I am included. I belong

to the serried ranks of hopeless

animals whose lives are caged

to feed me. I belong

to this nation, with its hidden

history of genocide and greed.

I belong to the Pentagon

dropping a bomb every 12 minutes.

I belong to every imprisoned being.

I belong to the oceans, suffocating

in plastic. I belong to the earth

drenched in pesticides.  

I open and I open my heart

to this new reality of global citizen.

Every time I resist, every time

I hear the gigantic “no”

I look deeper, pull the hurting

unwanted piece of me into

my heart. We all belong.

We are all included.

Daily Ragtag Prompt: Serried

Word of the Day Challenge: Exposure

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt: Gigantic

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