Run, but you can’t hide

For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.~Luke 9:48

Now, ain’t that sick, did Pelosi just say
we’ll get rich quick, use your tax dollars
and make you pay for a mandated shot?
I say, not. The poorest among us
are the stars in this plight.
We’re past the need to be polite.
If you have no provisions, you can’t
buy a vaccine, you can’t take an
hour off, you can’t keep your hands
clean. (The hands that pick
carry cook and serve the organic
food which levels the field.
Who determines the crop yield?)
Change is viral, all-
encompassing spiral as
information demands to be free
even while the corporate lords proclaim
scarcity. The rich are planning
their escape, a grave mistake.
What is withheld will bring us all
down, call the separation myths
falling to the ground.
This carefully constructed reality
dissolves as we share fully,
evolve because we must
in this chaos finally be just and
reach out a hand to those of us
in need, smothered by our greed.
We finally see
essential pieces of the holy we.

Inspired by: Polite, Viral, Provision, Kick, and the featured image of the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus.

Soundcloud recording here.

This Is The Path

So much to digest
the buoyant trauma bobbing up
escaping my firm and
constant pressure to keep
this drama contained.
Letting all the content
settle under calm
guidance, a transmission
irradiates the presence,
diamonds formed from coal.
All the dark and fearful
places, shunned, unknown
arise in us. I’m tearful
as I recognize in you
in me, in us, love’s
intelligence, the will
to live, protecting innocence.
This lost and hungry child
in you, in me, in us,
so long exiled, we welcome
now. There is no better
you. The Tao simply includes.

Inspired by: Settle, Buoyant, Irradiate and Guidance.

Listen here on soundcloud.

Yes, and…

The young kayakers circle the island,
eyeing the strange fishermen silently
casting. Ripples in the lake reach
me watching from the connected
shore. Who can say who belongs
here? I can no longer continue
my previous life.
It lies broken.
The lies broke my careful
façade. I find I must insert
the cedilla to ensure softness.
Sounds instruct.

Clueless kayakers approach,
bright orange flashing paddles
the quiet. The old fishers turn
their backs and plop their bait.
These kids, confused and
territorial, righteous and curious,
make their lake-round.
They do not wave to me,
seem oblivious to the swooping
plover. Splashing with a
settler’s proprietary ardor.

Words conduct a symphony
of meaning, impose order
on the chaos of now.
Assembling the anomalies,
escorting them—all squares
who can’t fit into roundness—
off the premises. And we of
circling natures feel the slam
into each corner, trying
to pretend we’re sound.

At last we heed the stream
of messages. The world rights
itself in our new vision.
Inclusive hearts open
as we step out of the
shards of shells containing
our un-grokked past. Ignoring the false
future beckoning madly,
we simply breathe
in this new place.
Yes, embracing now.

Inspired by:  Continue, Previous and Broken.

Hold Me

I have no ears

for the mocking conquerors.

I filter through the sneers

parceled out by the brainwashed

afraid to die.

I’m listening to the reports

of the brave, the anguished,

impoverished, imprisoned,

excluded, tiny bleats

of the oppressed, hushed

whispers repressed,

the silenced.

They live in me.

I feel them pulsing and so

I dig through the roots

grown in colonized soil.

Carefully lifting each traumatized

artifact, trembling,


into the space of sacred.

Opening the container

until I can hold

what I carry.

And I see 

finally in the open air

sending it all down

down into Gaia’s embrace.

Her joyful acceptance of my gift


as she transforms my difficulty

what I call toxic

into pure fuel

and releases it back into my flow.

Renovated from certain death,

glistening in the new air

the fine webs of our connection,

like slender fibers streaming

from my nervous system

joined with yours

— all this time! —

stretching into the cosmos

like the ancestral constellations

glimmering in our darkness

singing through our bleeding

hearts, as we feed each other

at last with conscious intent.

True love dripping

from our lips,

the pools of our eyes,

the very breath we exhale

As we drop deeper into ourselves.


Inspired by Repress, Renovate, Parcel,  and Die.