Seeing Is Freeing

There is no happily ever after
we can reach, no way

out of here to some secluded beach.
If we can sit and allow—

follow me, I’ll show you how.
This anxious pity tries to knock

me back: a helpless child
forced to say yes.

My new life hack: this fierce
ferocious NO now

in the mix of power and light
what’s so exposed.

Love offers to the dark
and scary places the deep

presence of now
expanding spaces.

Too much solicitude contracts.
The child reacts.

Inspired by: Knock, Solicitude, Follow and Mix and the phenomenally powerful Conscious Healing course I’m enrolled in.

Featured image a photo of Makanalua Peninsula, a place of breathtaking beauty with a history of exclusion and fear.

Countdown To Gratitude

All alone with me and we’re waiting for the sunlight.~Daryl Hall

A great blue heron croaks, casts her
proxy vote to compress my

labyrinthine thoughts. Embrace
the threshold, eight, as the sky

reveals unearthly dances
of fog-curling apparitions.

Seven, the strung-tight nerves
that spring me from my

misery under the satellite
dish vibrations to savor, six,

this bright cream half-sliced moon
like delicious custard. The

blessed chill, five, as I sort out
four toxins in air and sound

rippling through my system,
my wake-up call. Three choices:

fight or flight or fix, in the dark,
bouncing on that triangle.

Triggering the memory, that’s right,
there’s more than two sides.

The break of day broadcasts my
intention to resolve my jangling

strings. I tune in to this one
music emanating from my core.

No escape, no resistance,
no prescriptions. Only

opening wider—awake and grateful for
every mundane reason why—

deeper to include even this.
All the reflections

I abhor and abjure
coming to light

welcomed like songbirds
raising the sun.

Inspired by:  Mundane, Proxy, Compress and Countdown, a foggy and mysterious dawn and Kiara‘s prompt july 25. universal 8-personal 7
– challenge yourself to write down 8 thoughts that trigger happiness, joy, and peace today.  I reached gratitude by unexpected paths today.

Oh, and this version of Sara Smile in which Daryl Hall just lets Jimmy Wayne take the song and own it.

Tune-in Time

I tuned in to today’s word “rivulet” writing yesterday’s poem, and so I found myself in a space of resistance:  I already wrote that!

Intuitive people often grapple with time,

moving in and out fluidly, genuinely

wondering, did I already have

that conversation with you

or is it yet to occur?

You walk a dangerous minefield

when you are young

and the things you see and speak of

frighten the people who raise you.

And it’s easy to see why people like me

were sought out on moonless nights

by those frightened of their own

shadows, desperate for a spell

or a potion, wisdom

and compassion read from tea leaves

or ancient symbols. Now I need

to break the silence

and remind you:

this is a hologram.

Rigid rules of what is

and isn’t possible exist to control you.

Stand in your power.

Seek the light always,

and be very certain this will

illuminate the dark places.

You could scream or flee.

Better to find the place in your cellar

where you’re locked away.

No more burning at the stake,

when we can all see

beyond the temporal veils.

Our seeing will save us from

this heedless rush into disaster

like snapping out of a dream.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: rivulet