Meow, er — Raaawr!!

“Can you become yourself in a way that adds a blessed roar to life?” — Michael Meade

I had more of a lilting song in mind,

trilling a la songbird,

fingerpicking my guitar

as I croon folksongs.

I only roar when my toddler grandson and I

hang out with stuffed lions

or tigers in board books.

I understand you are not asking me

to take this under advisement.

This is a direct challenge

for me to straighten my shoulders,

and roar from my very depths

with the intention to bless

the intertwined entangled

beingness that we are.

Ahem.  Here goes.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: trill

Taking The Leap

This is my teacher:

he wakes me up

to the way I want to be in the world,

crouching with a wild grin

and leaping into my arms,

collapsing in laughter.

And again.

I use that ottoman

to prop my feet,

or maybe, if I desire change,

to plop my butt.

For him, it is a drum to smack,

a diving board,

a precipice to poise over

before leaping into the wild unknown.

There is so much joy

available for the agile mind,

the confident grace, body in motion.

And always, the threat

of pain, and the bruises

to reflect the missteps,

the hard knocks, jumping

without thought, with no plan.

The key seems to be: have faith

that strong resources are always there,

mostly invisible unless you

look through your heart.

Fling yourself into space

but first announce your intention

and know you will be caught —

just as I am there for him,

in each heart-stopping lesson

he blesses me with,

this pure generous

wake-up call.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: agile