Hidden Seeds

Eternal intent radiates fields of energy not visible to your physical sight.~Ken Carey

I read this with delight, my sleepless night
common for homeless folk whose seeming plight
demands unceasing antenna precise
and coldly practical despite respite.

All fodder for the perplexing spinning
thoughts, dexterity rejecting winning
losing as the options narrow wholly
captured by the past when all that’s holy

yet to be in seeds that seem unlikely
to sprout with this doubt running inside me.
The book rests to my left, offering hope.
I read one line and once more, I can cope.

Written for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to write about the thing “to your left” (The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World by Ken Carey) when you sit down to write and inspired by Dexterity and Fodder.

Featured image: Did the geese at this lake take fertility pills? One family of 18 newly hatched goslings sailed past on Thursday. Yesterday, this family took all prizes with 21 babies!