Creating Intentional

Now that my mother’s glue has crumbled, men
gather, thunderclouds, new history spin
where I’m to blame for every clout received
and worse. Their guilt inspires them to deceive.

I love this wooded abode by the lake.
(This is not my first rodeo) I wake
in the curves and twists outside the boxes
a lodestone. Observer’s paradoxes

focus exacerbates each problem found.
I dig the roots, reflect and own. Resound
with all the censored trauma til at last
I move through and assimilate the past.

Each word matters. Attention is the code.
So laser sharp intentions I upload
beyond emotion-laden stories I’m
frothy as air dancing like light I chime.

Inspired by the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “ode“, Exacerbate, Frothy as air and Resound.

Featured image: How to capture a magical light show as sun dances on the ripples of the water? I tried.