Enjoy The Ride

My masterpiece reveals full-blown

like a peony shrub I’d forgotten–

lost in my story of agony, blind

until this moment of fragrant

blossoming exuberance, breathtaking,

insistent.  Wake up!

stripped of all meaning, simple

call to truth.

Here I fly, a surprised swallow.

I’m singing from each branch

this symphony

sometimes a low chitter

and my high trill.

I am a bug landing on this crisp

white page.  I squash myself

in reflexive horror,

wipe my guts in a smear.

Everything exactly as it is.

I’m hammering something

down the block, I’m throbbing

my metallic silver body through

my blue sky, a woman

struggling to maintain

a foothold, scribbling madly

as if to observe is important.

Poetry is wanting.

To share, to glimpse

myself–I have never peered

into my own eyes, which may

not exist.  I fumble for the words

which can only befuddle

and confound, an escort

away from essential.

Cascading brilliantly in tune,

our song tiny and sweet yet

magnificent as the multiverse,

I lift my voice,

join the love-fest.

The nightmare thrashes sleepers

as I sit in this calm space.

Why not create drama?

Why not have a little fun?

Be horrified and frightened,

enjoy the emotional rollercoaster:

sweet exhilaration, pounding

heart and sweat.  Swept away

forgetting the key

each breath the exact

respiration the planet desires.

I’ll hold you through the dark

and you hold me,

celebrating being

unfathomable we.


Inspired by: Breathtaking.


It’s All Improv

The whole cosmos is a constant alteration of one being. ~ Diogenes (paraphrased.)

It is difficult to see

what I condone 

tacitly doing my laundry

in private, by chance hearing

my mother say, Mick Jagger

is so ugly — even now, 

she’s called a great

beauty.  Instantly I feel

the collar tighten a notch

in a flurry of beliefs

rising like a murder

of crows, black and noisy

above the roof

of my consciousness.  I’m critical

of her criticism, desperate

to belong with this long

and narrow face, an unattainable

ideal cutting off my

breath, dragging me into

subservience.  The fractals

of the tales of separation, cascading

down into a canyon.

Only one way out, and so you




yourself into the frigid water

just between the wicked

cliffs, beyond the jagged

stumps hidden 

in the roiling.

Sometimes I eat what I know

will cause me agony.

Sometimes I dream the keys

to all the secret passages.

Sometimes I wake just

in time

to shout yes and

to my no.

Inspired by: Collar, Plenty, Flurry, CondoneLaundry, and the dverse prompt Cascade (I’m late for dverse, but this video really inspired me.)

Through This Laund Anon

“I know you.  You are a magnificent divine being who thirsts to express that divinity in service.  You, like me, want to apply your gifts toward the creation of a more beautiful world.” ~ Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

On the upside, this signifies

every little idiosyncrasy

is absolute proof

of your magnificence.

I believe you

and I can stretch

beyond the old words

in the tired stories

that pivot on our solitary

stance.  I’ve been sinking

in the swamp and casting

blame like a lure.

Save me.  I’m out

of time.  When

can I call

your true name —

the one that can never be

spoken?  Your changing brilliance

like star flickers

through another narrow

narrative that folds us

into tiny meaningless pieces.

Disconnect.  Alone.

You float past me

a galaxy of being

and I’m stunned

and inspired, singing wordless

praise as we trace

the intersecting filaments

of our intertwining

nervous systems connected

beyond all logic

as the new story reveals.



Inspired by: Idiosyncrasy, Absolute, Upside and Stretch.