Focus Now

Jump up, little Havanese. I reckon
this chair can hold both of us, I beckon.
You balance on my lap while you smell
the early morning doggie show-and-tell.

The crows are cawing in the woods, their wings
dipping through clouds, they’re loud and circling
above the debilitating trend, send
urgent messages we don’t comprehend

until the end when evidence is bagged
and the portends of this great crime are flagged
and beamed through screens to twist the truth, the lies
are broadcast unremittingly. Sleuths prise

the underlying clues from dark stories
splashed with vivid technicolor glory
hidden deep in CGI, rabbit holes
invite investment. Pay them not, dear souls.

Inspired by Trend, Debilitating, Wings, Reckon and in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday for Bagged.

Featured photo: My little Havanese guest on my lap, balcony gazing.