Imagination Creates Reality

“Connecting with one’s own imagination…initiates a cascade of ideas and emotions, which in turn feed back into imagination, making it even more powerful.”~Jon Rappoport*

I step outside, the trees burst into song
lover’s caress, I give my breath, then peer
into the passioned poem-gems along
the emerald lawn. I am a seer

I create these achingly sweet goosebumps
synchronicities invite my huge jumps
into now.  I stride golden woods.  This sun’s 
hot kiss pierces my shadows are undone.

Inspired by the OctPoWriMo Day 11 prompt to explore flowing in the creative stream (Muse, Inspiration, In the flow, Creativity) in the new-to-me Rispetto form.

Featured image is the kaleidoscope effect (free at on this maple leaf song.

Beginning quote from Jon Rappoport’s highly recommended Exit From The Matrix course.

Drink Plenty of Water

“…somehow the homeopathic medicine contains an energy signature that causes a deep change in the body. As if information were being transmitted.”~Jon Rappoport

In the expanding now it is possible to receive-absorb the transmission, delicate and precise, offered in deep awareness.~Victoria Stuart

I’m downloading a healing stream, intense
deliberate wash.  Toxins awakened 
like pouting children from a nap dispense
antipathy—don’t touch.  I’ve mistaken

reality (quixotic magical 
powers) for past creations (artifacts
and trophies gathering dust).  Actual
transmission, living energy, is fact

hidden in plain sight.  I ground and center
unperturbed by the distortions in my
field.  A hawk soars hovering uncensored
messages received.  Torsions realign.

Inspired by: Unperturbed, Antipathy, Quixotic and Trophy.

Featured image: Polygonum hydropower persicaria, Lady’s Thumb, Smartweed or Arsesmart offering healing energies–free and abundant–along the garden walk this morning.


Ah, don’t turn away 
this garrulous sky and I
cacophony honking
gaggle of geese
startled by swallows
moving in and out of waves
of sound or thoughts 
winging diaphonous. 
As leaves listen greenly
delicate clouds blush.
The veils dissolve
outside in thresholds
I bring the light.
My secret messages
cannot be read–
perhaps eaten or smoked
like magic or a cosmic joke.
Who seeks my energy,
so fine and fierce 
alas to no avail?
My sacred vessel has no door
the way unfettered
out of your range,
here I am unreachable

Inspired by Catrin Welz-Stein’s marvelous piece Summer-Dreaming. Check out the gallery of amazing artwork for some great inspiration.

Opening to the fall

Mighty, I proffer star power that falls
inexorable as this equinox.
Deviate from what is real, I feel walls
disintegrate.  Magic beyond the clocks

of false constructs is humming, wild and free.
Imagining I burst past the controls
imposed by mindless habits.  I release
the matrix hold with ease.  These gaping holes

—apparent now to all—can’t cage a soul.
Exposed, the narrative composed of lies.
I dance, create and new portals unfold.
With boundless energy, I tantalize. 

Inspired by: Deviate and Proffer and the many opportunities present in the Fall Equinox today.

Life Force

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space. These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire, Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.~Bonnie Lange

Create with imagination what you most deeply desire and make it into fact in the new world.~Jon Rappoport

Curiously sedate air, it’s a new
morning, a sweet summer’s breeze glorious
sun insisting warm days will continue–
yesterday’s fall alarm a needless fuss.

Each moment a new threshold poised for change.
Alert as subtle messages take wing.
Pry out the old, my life has rearranged.
Ancient patterns have no sway, everything

exposed, the big reveal I’ll leave behind.
Again, the flimsy script—ho hum—fumbles
false portraits of existence charcoal lines.
Wild powers seethe and new colors rumble.

How were we all enslaved so easily?
Imagination squelched in every child.
Some of us took it underground, teasing
cryptic verse and song celebrating wild.

We need to put our feet right on the ground
when internet has crashed and we’re online
with new expanded senses, tuned in sound
and using superpowers, our divine

unlimited resources—watch me blow
all these dark clouds away.  They are the dreams
and fears others concoct, you buy, controlled
until you wake now is not what it seems.

Inspired by: Pattern, Pry, Charcoal and Online.

Imagine That!

Imagination is the often-forgotten force in the core of the human being. Our problems, at the core, exist only because we have “misplaced an infinity.”~Jon Rappoport*

Sharp September early wrapped in fleece
I remember waiting for the sun.  At peace,
eclectic ways to feel into

electric body riveting, pivoting
now, well met, fast-moving clouds!
My travail allows inspection

of the golden-gleamed horizon.
Sipping coffee slow and warm
my morning bluejays warn poignant

and pointed.  Even serenity
is a star poking into absurd
totalitarian measures.  I don’t partake.

That brand of Koolaid just tastes
fake.  I see the stain all around
your panicked eyes, gone: smiles or frowns.

Succumb and lose identity, masked
and frail, breath denied.  Sometimes
it seems a dream.  I thought there were many

more alive, but I see drones
apologetic and rueful, cowed,
reading posted rules.  Now what’s allowed?

I remember waiting for the light
in months like these.  Now I simply bring
myself, sovereign alive sparking love

and curiosity.  There’s no masked
stranger staring in my mirror. Look at me
model how common sense

walks the world.  Freely breathe.
I don’t always have to rhyme.
Sun now appears and I step out of time.

Inspired by: Serenity, Riveting, Eclectic, Travail and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Sharp and Exit From The Matrix*, a life-changing imagination course by Jon Rappoport that I highly, highly recommend.

The World Has Changed

Will you try to change things, use the power that you have, the power of a million new ideas?~Robert Lamm

Morning diamonds glitter fantabulous
so recently silvered by the moon.  Cries
ecstatic greet the golden light.  The fuss
of a hunter, out of tune, simply flies

out of perception, for the world has changed
while we were dreaming in our blue-lit screens
–willing servants, single-minded, deranged
taught from birth to cage our creative means.

Imagine you can breathe out full power
intense and focused, out of step.  The crowd
moves on and you’re in balance.  It’s now or
never.  Project your wildest song, strong, loud.

Then step into the natural world.  Stars
and planets inviting you to see.  Far
from the tales composing reality
inspired and creating, you’ll find me.

Inspired by: Fantabulous, Hunter, Ecstatic and Intense.

Create Now

“As we enter September, another reality-shifting month in this transformative year, please stay focused on highest outcomes. Apply creative solutions to everything which presents on your path.”~Sandra Walter

“Imagination goes anywhere you want it to, and in the process, you discover ideas and realms and dimensions and power that would otherwise have remained invisible to the end of time. This is the natural state of affairs. Everything else is programming.”~Jon Rappoport

A sudden glitch in the matrix reveals
my superpowers. As I demonstrate
creative realms, inventing on the heels
of your chance speech, stupendous revelations

sparkle our plates. More than a hundred
–these days, who’s counting? You’re imaginating
as well and more: as true contagion spreads
yesterday’s ideas of dread clear. Being

expansive as wizards, our creations
bump, jostle and collide. Pop some bubbles
joy cascades. Create now in amazement.
Limitless freedom dissipates troubles.

Inspired by: Stupendous, Glitch, Speech, Demonstrate and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt more than a hundred.

Daily Practice

“We have reached inside ourselves to grasp incredible glimpses of our own POWER TO INVENT and choose.” ~Jon Rappoport

The onerous chains I’ve created since
waking on the earthship are nothing to
dismantle.  In a blink of awareness
my superpowers flex.  It’s something to

celebrate, the way the narrative shifts
reveal a glitch and we’re all free.  Although
the matrix is insistent, insight lifts
us out.  Our bodies vacant, minds in thrall

by authority voiced with lights and sounds
a casino trance and I dance in, Hey,
any living beings wanna play?  Ground
in nature, let old stories dissipate.

You protest: Don’t you see what’s going on?
Out to the streets or derisive tweets, we
must demand the slave owners growing on
our efforts pay us more!  Fueling elites

the only game in town.  And be still.
Imagine limitless.  Respect instinct
that pulls you to the sun where you can heal
discarding old beliefs that, frankly, stink.

Inspired by: Instinct, Nothing, Onerous and Protest.

Unimpressed with the /verse option on the onerous new WordPress block editor. Can anyone share a way to create line breaks for poems, and also be able to choose fonts–on the freebie version? Update: I did the shift return and created my own line breaks and am happier with this font. Thanks for the advice!!

All Around Me

“There’s a light in the depths of your darkness. Let it shine, oh, let it shine.”~Dan Fogelberg

My wanderlust now craves sanctuary
a quiet place to imagine and write
rooted not with things but feeling airy
among trees while safe to travel by night.

Star-sung cottage where locals know I might
ameliorate mysterious ills
bring the murky causes into the light
so they can vanquish if they feel it will

compose a song in a key of life more
suited for well. The longer I dwell on
this scene, solitary, rich, music pours
out, unseen, tremendous and it swells on

the invisible waves, touches knowing
fields, informs and shares, updating files of
joy. There is a boy who comes to play, sings
with open heart, my homelessness miles off

and never really real at all. Powers
that be apportion a reality.
I turn away.  Praise miracle showers,
grounding and learning receptivity.

Inspired by: Longer, Vanquish, Ameliorate and Wanderlust.

And greetings from the west in a song that I really loved to sing along with Dan Fogelberg, whose birthday was 13 August. At the end of the song, he takes off his guitar in joyous exhaustion, the crowd roars appreciation, and we all let it shine.

And so much gratitude to incredible friends whose kindness ameliorates my homelessness.