Come Awake Love

if we look
with kindness on all creations–
to the one in the mirror, say,
hey, I love you with every molecule
of space, in every twist of time,
with passionate ignited soul

I love you like the breath that
refuses sleep. Come awake, come awake
love. And in this predawn opening gambit:
sacrifice sleep now. Insight-

seeds land where I’ve been weeding
every morning, diligent
respect. Whispering as I expose
each deep root, thank you, for
saving a different me. Bask in the light
that always comes after darkness has scoured
forbidden places with its pitiless claws.


Extraordinary Extradition

They’ve arrested that guy
who spilled the ugly
secrets of the war machine.

Leaking the video of soldiers
engaging journalists
walking the streets

far below. Kill-shots
from helicopters —
this vocabulary of menace —

reducing innocents to rubble,
waiting for the dust to clear
to shoot the one crawling

for unattainable safety.
— Did you get what you paid for?
Taxes engorging the state’s

arsenal, whistle blower
state threat
It is now a crime

to expose the plutocratic
ideology that bedevils our
foundation. We are keen

to stay in the good graces
of the armed and dangerous,
sensible to stay undercover

with the black helicopter threat
piercing our seething, but today
they’ve arrested that guy

and the news is filled with
malicious tittering.
Freedom of speech erased

and the silenced poets
out of sync and
weighing every word.

Written for: Keen, Sensible, Bedevil,  and Ideology.