By The Dawn’s Early Light

Big bass are infiltrating minnow school.
The water’s high so they can reach the pools
secret and unreachable yesterday.
Splashing in this teachable, fatal way.

There is no safe place to hide, and habit
is a trap. Ducklings chase bait and grab it.
Kingfisher rattles in, his echoed trail
now covered by the honking geese. Inhale.

Emails urge me to fight, protect my rights,
but having grown up in war, I’ve a slight
difference in tactics. I’m sovereign, alive.
The stories weaving fear are all just jive.

Kingfisher’s near. I pause and peer. Concealed
from sight, his surreptitious flight revealed
by sounds he leaves in air thickened and wet.
The lake reflects how to survive, beset.

Inspired by this morning’s spectacular lakeside dawn, featured image, and the conviction that taking each step with integrity and love defeats all the fear mongering and false data. It’s up to each individual to act now. As I write this, a single great white heron flies overhead.