Kawsak Sacha

 The convictions of the Amazonian Women’s Collective carry them on their mission to save their homeland, the lungs of the planet.  They know that the spiritual being that is the jungle is essential to our survival.  Their ancient knowledge has been belittled and mocked and aggressively attacked by profit- and greed-driven corporations who have no understanding of the whole, who are committed to extracting parts — which will destroy the entire system (much like body snatchers who harvest organs — at the cost of their victims’ lives.) Worse, these corporations have legal standing, although they clearly do not breathe or have any life.

Our understanding of the rainforest is as misunderstood as a flocculent spiral galaxy if one only concentrates on the stars, ignoring the unseen dark matter that must be present to hold them together. 

And so these people are raising their voices to educate the world.

The Kawsak Sacha (the Selva Viviente, The Living Forest) addresses this gross violation of respect for life, and demands legal recognition of the jungle: an organic living being.   I recommend this six-minute video, to experience how determined peoples commit to saving their very existence — and ours.


Here is my translation (rough and not anywhere near the beauty of the original piece) if you don’t speak Spanish:

The Kawsak Sacha is the space of life of all the beings who live in the jungle

from the tiniest being to the largest and most supreme

including the animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic spiritual worlds.

This area transcends the notion of territory; it is destined to revitalize

our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual facets

to restabilize energy, life, equilibrium of life in its original ways.

It is the dominion of waterfalls, lakes, wetlands, mountains, rivers and trees,

places populated where the supreme beings, the spiritual guides protect the Kawsak Sacha

who live and grow, develop their lives just as humans do.

The Kawsak Sacha is also the place of transmission of the knowledge of the Yachay

where they intuit the world and the knowledge of the masters and spiritual guides of the living places

and the sublime worldview for a methodical apprenticeship.

This universe, the natural equilibrium of the harmony of life, the perpetuation of the culture,

the existence of living beings and the continuation of Kawsak Sacha depends on the permanency and the transmission

of the powers of the supreme beings 

protectors of the Kawsak Sacha with the Yachay

as co-creation and respect between human beings and the beings of the jungle.

In our Amazon, in Sarayuka, beings similar to us exist

like the Amazanga, everything we can see and hear.

And because of this, we don’t want to allow the extraction of oil in our territory.

If they extract these things, all of the beings and spirits of the jungle will disappear.

The masters and the animals of the jungle will be extinguished.

Without them, our territory will be orphaned.

And this is why we protect and conserve our living jungle.

Inspired by: Carry, Flocculent, Conviction, Recommend