I Am Pele

(Featured image by Parker Hamblin.  See more of his amazing artwork here.)

The center of the earth burns

through me.  My power wild and glorious

you cannot harness.

I have been called demon,

but you know better.  

I live in your heart.

I burn through all your

illusions and delusions with

my magnificent gift of necessary destruction.

Seek me when you dare to create. 

You will find

I am the fire running

through your very veins.

Right now let us rise up,

tune in to our outrage

sheer conflagration bursting

from the long-suffering

earth.  This invitation burns

our reservations, no longer

hesitating to join the dance

over hot coals, reality finally exposed

insubstantial, imagined obstructions

kindling to our true life flames.


Inspired by these prompts:  Although my doctrine has been to groove with fresh inspiration in my writing here, today an accomplice laid those plans to waste; I take solace in offering a poem I wrote several months ago.