To Thrive

How many problems spiraled from your inability to just address one?~Kiara

Like a gazelle, I learned to stot
a purely panicked duck-the-swat
out of my body into space far
from the threatening face,
the brandished fist, the full-
court press–you get the gist.
The body that I left behind
stationary, cold, the world unkind,
digested what it could, the rest
fragmented in traumatic mess.
Guess what? I’m back
right in my base. On track
I root, devoted diligence,
explore the soil of my essence.
Survival tactics I applaud
sheer intelligence–I’m awed.
What led me here alive
bequeathed, I now release
to thrive I sit and breathe.

Inspired by: Gazelle, Press, StationaryBrandish and last night’s sunset.


Drift By My Window

why do you keep hoarding things if you cannot use them? it is autumn. treat old tools like leaves and you are the tree. shed them and keep being.~kiara

I come out of the house in fog
and jacket, pushed by the insanity

ruling inside closed boxes. An
insistent bird I’ve never heard

summons me to what is real. The media
never arrives at the lake. Well-

stocked and clean, host and besties
with plovers and egrets. Yesterday

in the woods, my grandson teaches
a binoculared birdwatcher bluejay

jeers. The real news is dictated
by the heart, never strikes terror–

dismissed milquetoast by the fear-
mongers. I teach empathy and reject

a gendered, even a specied god. Moved
to worship by being in all its faceted

glory. Space and light and energy.
Moving into stillness and back.

The attic is lined with boxed goods
I might need in some projected future.

The poplar is releasing gold
quivering leaves dancing free.

Today I choose to liberate old tools,
allow blessings to flow–gifts

for the next open-handed receiver
as I create a brand new now

leading into the unpredictable
alignment into empty space

finally able to move and stretch
and spin unhindered into joy.

Inspired by: Milquetoast, Insanity, Dictate and Yesterday, the amazing Universal 4 Month Toolkit from kiara at VKNumerology, and since it’s the first fall day here I am singing along with Eva Cassidy.  (Autumn Leaves is such a poignant song that always brings me such joy.  What an amazing voice!)