Now Agents

“When I walk away from what doesn’t feel good, I become an agent of walking away.  It is important to know–for our evolution–what we walk away from.  What is needed now?”~Thomas Huebl

I choose to be an agent of light
tune in with composure, unsure
yet precise. Revel in love
as opportunity writhes at my feet
each step of my way in this
coherent now. The complex how
too much to see.
I open, focus
with glee. Liquid joy enters
my world here: have you heard
the transmutation-spell sung by
birds? This oriole, a brilliant
orange alchemist produces
gladness in this human world’s
stuck fear and sadness, words
meant to point to the immensity
fall limply, hypnotized
name-calling, attacks and scorn
keep falling, desperate to deflect
the looming threat a gift from which
we flee what’s actually an invitation
to inspect the ancient structures
we project in time and space which
move our descendants with ill grace.
I focus on the central point.
What is collapsing never was real
a memory lapse.
Love fills the gaps
new connections far beyond
what we can grasp
the trilling notes pierce the
perception of our cages
we reach out with gentle
choice spacious
we find our voice
rejoice we all are agents.



A spiritual practice is a generator of light. The light needs to come in on all levels.  We need to ask: where do I clearly say, it is happening “out there”?  We all create the world.~Thomas Huebl

I feel inspired to listen
to the song of yesterday, the light
spilling into cracks, exposing
me in new and startling ways
of being. I cannot hear those words
again, they will arrive anew as
sun and gentle rain, each moment
of spring leaping to luxuriance
the bursting bud a lead-in, once upon a time
in the narrative shift
and I am fluid
as I’ve always been
seeping through my self-made
traps through deep karmic shade.
I arrive belonging.
I bloom essential.
I sing and sing and sing
and if my voice reaches
dark places I’ve planted
in you, I bring light
I am a prayer
in the connected field
right now
this step
now this
the way love reveals.