Living Full Pelt

October flings sunrise delight.
Eyes dazzle as the gloomy night
releases icy grips.  My heart
invites love in for a new start.

I’ve searched without, yet here within
my ever-shining light I spin
my torsion fields.  Creating art
invites love in for a new start.

All that I seek is part of me.
I’m tuning in.  My harmony
has synchronized. Flawless, my part
invites love in for a new start.

October flings sunrise delight
invites love in for a new start.

Inspired by: Flawless, Pelt, Synchronize, and the #OctPoWriMo prompt, shining your light in a Kyrielle sonnet.


Cycle Love

Our focus now reveals the way we pay
energy the currency and how we play.

Isolation attempts to be well
when all the while

illusions we create with sick-spells
harden, then crack, collapse in the lack

of the fluid love

always present

like light

seeping in, fragrant
and delicious redolence,


the gift of breath
allowing and receiving

and present-ing

arriving and leaving
and in the sacred now

the how is clear:

there is no enemy invisible
attacking the pitiful

we bring ourselves
to wholeness from within.

We rise, we shine
so we begin.

Inspired by sunlight on the lake, Unmask, Jasmine, Cypher and Rage.