Now This Crossing

When you see the bridge, make sure it is your own, and not someone else’s creation.~Victoria Stuart

And here I must diverge from the groupthink
*eyerolling* consulting constellations
charting belief systems to endorse (link
in bio, follow me). My creations

leave the faitours in the dust.  Here I must
describe this bridge which might take you, surprised
out of your circumscribed life.  Limitless
imagination connects me, so prized

as NaNoWriMo words flow out apace
my inner editor is locked away.
Creative outpour’s currency is grace.
And clarity insists I do not stay

in old beliefs’ sway.  All roads lead to now.
Releasing burdens, beliefs—held in thrall—
of my own making I clearly see how
this crossing is uniquely my windfall.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Diverge, Eyerolling, Faitour and Endorse.

Creating Anew

We cling to childhood lessons until Now
calls them in, and all the ripples felt as
each distortion unravels shaky threads

and there’s no rhyme, it’s serendipitous
awake, alert, present illusions fade
in love’s tough insistence to dig deep just

here, as hysterical triggers display
their shame and pain and fear. We’re capable
of limitless creation, sovereign, free.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Capable, Tough and Hysterical.

Embracing The Storm

You try to pacify me in this storm
offering limits as if a lucid
choice knows boundaries. Don’t you know my norm
is pure imagination? I’m fluid.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Pacify, Storm, Choice, Lucid and the ability to see limits as invitations for expansion. NaNoWriMo makes for short poetry!

Create Now

“As we enter September, another reality-shifting month in this transformative year, please stay focused on highest outcomes. Apply creative solutions to everything which presents on your path.”~Sandra Walter

“Imagination goes anywhere you want it to, and in the process, you discover ideas and realms and dimensions and power that would otherwise have remained invisible to the end of time. This is the natural state of affairs. Everything else is programming.”~Jon Rappoport

A sudden glitch in the matrix reveals
my superpowers. As I demonstrate
creative realms, inventing on the heels
of your chance speech, stupendous revelations

sparkle our plates. More than a hundred
–these days, who’s counting? You’re imaginating
as well and more: as true contagion spreads
yesterday’s ideas of dread clear. Being

expansive as wizards, our creations
bump, jostle and collide. Pop some bubbles
joy cascades. Create now in amazement.
Limitless freedom dissipates troubles.

Inspired by: Stupendous, Glitch, Speech, Demonstrate and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt more than a hundred.

Don’t New Normal Me

An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.~Viktor Frankl

Twenty ripening spaghetti squash hang
goldening the garden. Orange and red
yellow zinnias burst in a color bang
call to awaken as the sunrise spreads

rosy skies west. The east is glorious.
Dawn in my hometown, a fleeting visit
now the skies compete in pinks curious
the morning’s cool under heat’s implicit

sultry air.  Here an old bass leaps. Waves ring
smaller circles as minnows flee.  Recall
past Augusts, shouldn’t some morning birds sing?
I’ve ceased comparing years, a construct all

along, time shows her true colors, slipping
in and out of these timelines—narrative
ridiculous, and I won’t play.  Flipping
how life flows absurd—it’s imperative

to speak the truth, do you know how?  Don’t New
Normal me, your credibility will
not stand the test of common sense, you
try to sway beyond your ability

to drown my sovereign song. Limitless
creator, sing!  Simple as breath concealed
power now rings. Harmony stimulus:
ground in fall’s score, insanity revealed.

Inspired by: Sway, Accidental, Credibility and Sovereign.