Beyond The Limits

From the top of the stairs, look for the cats
below the round marble-topped table, sleek
haughty, dismissing us for lead-paned glass
and the sun’s slanted golden reach you seek

in fabulous dreams of different worlds
time elongates and we drowse-imagine
relaxed and filled with satisfaction, whirled
into a love connection we begin

on such a slow August afternoon like
a portent of fall–choose now and choose love!
Imagine, create, through all boundaries
flow.  Slipping through time, gain the stars above.

That’s version one, written quickly.  On dversepoets today, we are asked to take our poem through the Bök Checklist and question each noun, verb, adverb and adjective, looking for the uncanny.  You can head over to the prompt and try it!

After the revising, the title changed as well as other surprises…here’s version 2.

We Fall Slow

From the top of the stairs, consider cats
below the marble-topped round table, sleek
disdain for us peering through lead-paned glass
and the sun’s slanted golden reach you seek

in fabulous realms and alternate times.
Relaxed and filled with satisfaction, we
drowse-imagine, this dog and I sublime
rainbow-splattered tiles and carved Siamese.

Into this love connection we fall, slow
late August afternoon til September
rushes in.  Through faux boundaries we flow
choosing precisely now we remember.

Where True Love Abounds

In the morning I pause to greet a dog
a supporting character effusive
love and joy wriggling.  I’m all agog.
She’s figured out what I find elusive

since my brush with death turned my life around.
How to be here now where true love abounds
and the only price is energy, pure
intentional being centered and sure.

Inspired by: Supporting, Pause, Character, Elusive and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Brush.