Weird Things Dance*

Pay attention to where your consciousness is being steered to reinforce narratives that may not be in the highest interests of all concerned.~Sandra Walter

All the new revelations show the old
lies bait and switch sleight of hand what is real

we create with intention our powers
rising into view honor what we feel

our delivery system looks a mess
childish outbursts tantrums emotional

distress alive vibrating here we are
the fine philanthropy devotional

dizzying variety of being
leaves caught in the wind chaotic beauty

in the name of love we imagine now
filters falling autumn’s calling duty

in deep integrity our voices rise
speaking in love opens our new surprise

Inspired by: Switch, Variety, Delivery, Philanthropy, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday post new/old and #OctPoWriMo Day 3 prompt finding beauty in chaos.

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*Title is from a quote by M.H. Boroson, “Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. At the edge of perception, weird things dance and howl.”

Featured image is the kaleidoscope effect on this photo of a chaotic pile of leaves.

Stream of consciousness Saturday usually leads to an outpouring of poems inspired by the editing I am not allowed to do. I did make four edits as I was writing.

What Is Never Lost

A bluejay warns the grounded beings, shares
perspectives for those who heed suchlike: fierce
courageous singers in a key we can
not hear with ears. Cicadas thrum tympan

in waves of longing after thirteen years
inevitable to emerge ringing
of love and loudly proclaim fears faced proudly
in that cold dark sleep. In the deep

songs of living–and now sirens blare–include
what emerges. Claim this sunbeam, this beach
the lightly rocking swing. Sometimes I feel
the rhyme or meter sways and rocks the boat

A lone goose bleats. I tilt and set the swing
sideways. That kind of day. Alert. Awake.
The coffee tastes divine. Each being gives
and I receive, celebrate what I find.

Inspired by: Fierce, Inevitable and Beach.

Rising Frequency

If you don’t know you are being fed false information, then how can you avoid forming a false picture of reality? And if you form that false picture, then you guide your own behavior inside that framework–Which means you’re limiting your own behavior and perception.~Jon Rappoport

Back when I shriveled in the noxious fumes
air, water and food imbued with toxins
I acquired a diagnosis or two
by doctors flummoxed, their knowledge boxed in

tight by the medical cartel, controlled
and muted in the politics of drugs.
The Hippocratic Obligation to
harm none lost along the wayside. Now thugs

carrying out orders from above, not
the most high, that Christed healing decried.
I found my way. I got in tune. I thought
that I could sing a healing song, denied

by people so invested in the score
of fear and retribution, war and lack.
My voice rising, my instrument, my core
vibrating to the frequency love track

of joy! Yes, even in the chaos all
around, you’ll feel my tender sound. I hear
the symphony in you. You’ll wake and call
across the stage where we’re all tuning: Here!

Inspired by:Obligation, Shrivel, Acquire and Noxious

Ba-de-ya, Dancing

It’s bright and glorious and

the poplars are singing.

He lifts his arms

an ecstatic composer just as

a crow caws a warning

flying directly overhead,

so we call Hello and Thank you.


the rustled whisper

of leaves as the music

moves through them

and now her sisters’ voices

emerge.  Three vultures

suddenly soaring in

o circles of delight-notes

in the bright blue sky-song.

The dancing of September

symphony messengers

making the welkin ring

the immense song we compact

into this one clear

afternoon-bell to remember

so all the tomorrows bring new soul-

music beating through us,

our nervous systems soothed

and vibrating with huge

connections and insights

wherever the breeze blesses us.

Inspired by: compact

And Earth Wind & Fire