Fondness For Stars

When Mercury is in retrograde, everyone is a pain in the ass.

Mercury retrograde spins obtuse dreams
old lovers reach across silver moonbeams
that pull me to clear skies, pace beneath stars
gleaming like cultured pearls, Venus and Mars

and brilliant Jupiter. Autumn designed
to thrill the sleepless, ease the troubled mind
as all the knotted threads rise to be seen
connected fields are throbbing to be cleaned

Inspired by: Culture, Obtuse, Fondness and Design.

Moving On Up

First rule of healing: Are you ready to give up what is making you ill?

If you follow the transits of the stars
Mercury in retrograde writes memoirs
as relics time travel from toxic past
and beg to be released and healed at last

I strictly circumscribe these journeys, stay
in now lifting the veil, no hurry, play
in the reflected glory waxing moon
this mirror of a crater’s profile soon

my passionate intensity to be
far-flung on my higher trajectory
with profile calm and patient, I rejoice
alive and strong, raising my unique voice

Inspired by: Transit, Circumscribe, Profile and Time Travel.