Through This Laund Anon

“I know you.  You are a magnificent divine being who thirsts to express that divinity in service.  You, like me, want to apply your gifts toward the creation of a more beautiful world.” ~ Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

On the upside, this signifies

every little idiosyncrasy

is absolute proof

of your magnificence.

I believe you

and I can stretch

beyond the old words

in the tired stories

that pivot on our solitary

stance.  I’ve been sinking

in the swamp and casting

blame like a lure.

Save me.  I’m out

of time.  When

can I call

your true name —

the one that can never be

spoken?  Your changing brilliance

like star flickers

through another narrow

narrative that folds us

into tiny meaningless pieces.

Disconnect.  Alone.

You float past me

a galaxy of being

and I’m stunned

and inspired, singing wordless

praise as we trace

the intersecting filaments

of our intertwining

nervous systems connected

beyond all logic

as the new story reveals.



Inspired by: Idiosyncrasy, Absolute, Upside and Stretch.

Fertile Soil

Deep in the territory of despair

I find a tiny grain

of hope-seed.

I pause in my diurnal practices

directing the flow of chi

before sitting in stillness.

Even this action of folding

the map away

is a heart-sight opening.

I have been amending

this very soil

where I’m rooted.

Last year’s skeletons crackling

white reminders

to plant differently.

Seeking manure

‘cause shit’s gotta change.

I am rotating

to nourish

what feeds us all.

Pulling out the old

beliefs in the separation,

tinder for the burnpile.

Going up in flames

along with the sketches

on the papers

indicating here be dragons.

I sow treasure

invisible and minuscule

in your eyes,

yet tickling a

necessary earthquake

we create this new terrene.

Inspired by Action, Treasure, Opening and Diurnal.